From time to time we select a subject, an event, a news article or other significant topic of current interest and we treat it here from a Metaphysical perspective. We call this Speaking of Spirit, as we use our Peripheral Vision in shedding some new light and in expanding our outlook on a unique, a tragic, or perhaps even a mundane reality or circumstance which attracts our attention and which can provide a valuable lesson or insight.

This is our personal and Spiritual Exercise for the moment, flexing our metaphysical muscle and accelerating our energetic metabolism. In maintaining this routine, we activate our minds, provide spiritual clarity and thus cleanse our etheric bodies of that which confounds, troubles or confuses us and perplexes our world. We eliminate those unnecessary and unwanted elements which block our energies, interfere with our thinking processes and obstruct our paths.

We invite you to weigh in here and add your point of view to enhance the dialogue by sharing your impressions.

We respectfully ask that you kindly keep all comments in alignment with the positive energy and the highest good intended here.



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Two Creations:
The Masters' View
Edited by
E R Bourcier & P F Talson
Journey of Souls
by Michael Newton, Ph. D.
Destiny of Souls
by Michael Newton, Ph. D.

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