I am a Teacher of Metaphysics…

Excerpted in part from a Chapter in the soon to be published personal memoir,           Volume II, entitled:  “Once Upon A…..Life Time”

I Am a Teacher of Metaphysics

I am a teacher of metaphysics. I am not a guru or a spiritual leader. I am not a religious fanatic or a missionary.                                                                                                                         I I teach the art of metaphysics: That which is above the physical.
I teach through words and gestures and with examples, and I reach my students and others by the use of energy; mental or psychic energies of a kind most humans do not yet know exist. A kind in which seldom few even believe applies. But in my heart of hearts, in this human form of mine here, I do know whereof I speak.                                       Metaphysics and human beings, creature-hood, that is, are diametrically opposed. One repels the other. It is in a contrary state of being that these two exist. Or coexist. But still, it is far less accepted that what I teach merits learning. Yet in the deepest of all human reality, there lies metaphysics, the basis of the creation of the physical plane, itself, and the cooperative coexistence that sustains it all.                                                                                   On the earth plane, we dabble in ego and the material and we talk ourselves to death with endless, redundant analysis. We evaluate until we run out of variables and then cry out that certain conclusions cannot be reached for a lack of available or viable data. And we die a very egotistic death here because we never completely stop to listen to the sounds of metaphysics.                                                                                                                                       And in teaching, as I do, I learn an even greater human lesson, too, as I understand more and more deeply how it is to exist in the human form. And in so doing, I learn more and more, also, of how to combine or to integrate the three essential elements of human being. Or, of being human.                                                                                                                                I explore the spirit, the mind and the body for the ultimate connection or connector of the three, in order to reach assimilation and acceptance of the metaphysical range.                 My classroom is life – the human experience – and my classes are in encounters with people and all things eternal. I hold truths dear to these students and I share what I have experienced and what I know. I shine a light of inquisitiveness and insight and maybe even enlightenment.                                                                                                                                   One thing I teach is that your intentions are really all that count. What occurs is more a result of many variables involving many souls. But your intentions are not as vague or unpredictable. You get credit for your intentions and your willingness to sustain and honor them. You are recognized at a higher level by what you think, believe and intend.         What you mean is what governs your ultimate direction. And what you did not mean is equally important, deep inside, on a level that others ordinarily do not get to see. What you know within all of that is constant, and represents the driving force behind your actions and your omissions.                                                                                                                           This is where truth and respect and sincere motives enjoin to form the pattern of energy that infects and affects your material world. This is the psyche at work – mass and individual – in an effort to construct a physical manifestation in response to a psychological condition or encounter. This is where dimensions intersect on a momentary, continuous basis, pulsating material life into this plane from a vast universe.                   This is where light and love illuminate the way and enable a sure and smooth path to an ultimate resolution.                                                                                                                           One way or another.

c 2004 TheSpiritualaw

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Creative Intelligence

As we now enter into a new portal at the moment of this Solstice today and the Season to come, it is with reflection and sustained guidance that we offer the following as an example of the divine at work through the genius, the mind and the spirit of the messenger, the vehicle, the conduit of the most highest creative intelligence.

When we understand the mechanics and the method of the reception of these gems, given as gifts to the manifested world, it is then unnecessary to seek credit or accolades, but rather to give thanks for the privilege and the honor to have the opportunity to serve as such.

And in so doing, we naturally dispel the myths of fame and fortune and look to a higher order for the ultimate recognition and rewards.

So then, let us reflect upon this during this moment of the dawning of this winter solstice, and throughout the season to come, in preparation for the blooming of the spring time, as we draw inspiration, energy and vision into the earth sphere with the prospect of raising the consciousness of those who are seeking, and thus, elevate the entire race through the joy and benefits of creative intelligence.



“The most enjoyable thing for me…is the inspirational, the spirit… my joy is when you’re like possessed, like a medium.

I’ll be sitting around, it will come in the middle of the night …this thing comes as a whole piece, you know, words and music.

I think, can I say I wrote it?

I don’t know who the hell wrote it.

I’m just sitting here and the whole damn song comes out.”

John Lennon: Quoted in Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh –

“The Elixir and the Stone | The Tradition of Magic and Alchemy”

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Sentenced to Justice

“The Due Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government”

So said one of our more awakened Fore Fathers in 1789, in creating the Judiciary branch of our national government.  little would he ever know, or even imagine, that such justice would sometimes be ignored and thus, undermined by our very own system of adjudication.

in reading the stories – or more aptly, the histories – of some of the criminal convictions which have recently been overturned, vacated, dismissed, spurned and dismembered by zealous advocates of innocence and true justice, it has been appalling to learn some of the facts.

individuals are incarcerated for many years, sometimes even decades – and mainly for the unlawful taking of another’s life – before someone listens to the advocates of fairness and justice and innocence. it is a travesty for sure that this still happens at this stage of our alleged human development.  in probing these matters, the following is noted and applies here:

part of the fault lies in the judicial system itself, which establishes a priori that when one has been convicted by a ‘jury of one’s peers’, that the matter is conclusively and decisively resolved and completed and closed. this presupposes that the investigation, the prosecution and even the verdict are sound, and were satisfactorily arrived at.  the root assumption is that the method and the means support the end.  as we can see now, in retrospect, this is not always the case.

and this is even more prevalent because the strict “appeals” process in our system of adjudication is limited, for the most part, to only what has been included in the record of a trial, and not on any new or unknown or undisclosed evidence which is later discovered, post conviction and after sentencing.

in the first instance, in order to pass this kind of judgment, one must first be judgment free.  in this, our earthly realm, that is not possible.  in fact, in all other non physical realms, that is not even possible either, nor does it exist.  this is because judgment assumes perfection, and therefore must, in order to be acceptable.  but we are only still in the course of striving merely for some hint of excellence, and perfection, therefore, is far out of our grasp.

yet here, we have a system of accusation, investigation and prosecution which stands on ceremony and pontificates metaphorically as it propounds theories of guilt and responsibility.  and in these oratories, it condemns and it hungers for conviction.  at times, it permits the ego mind to dominate fully and unencumbered, and sometimes even somehow enjoys the vilification of the accused, so it seems.  it ambulates with an inordinate passion and measures its successes in terms of convictions.  it does not always mete out ‘justice’ – in fact, in effect, it oftentimes persecutes instead.

and out of the realm of this somewhat unpleasant energy – that which is unsanctioned, not encouraged and even prohibited by this very structure – it manages to pummel the sensibilities of a system that is flawed to start with.

“The Due Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government”

for example, little credit is given to the sincere protestations of innocence and the relentless efforts at vindication of some of the wrongfully convicted, all of whom, incidentally, were, in retrospect, wrongfully and unjustly accused to begin with.  in such cases, the investigative process was skewed and prejudiced and corrupted, and no one was paying attention to the nuances, the subtleties and the sometimes blatant discrepancies that would void and nullify any prosecution at its inception.

it seems that even substantial and potentially concrete alibis are sometimes not even considered, pursued or confirmed – even in cases where numerous witnesses, we see lately, could have easily corroborated this defense on behalf of the accused.

this occurs when the thirst for ‘justice,’ pursued with a vengeance, and without regard for higher principles, enters into the formula and blinds the vision of those charged with objectivity and with ‘the due administration of justice.’   this can manifest when those charged with the duty of policing and investigating tend to allow anger and outrage to enter into the formula.  and when, for instance, they proudly profess, “…not in my city, you won’t….”.

So much then for not throwing the first stone.

yet in a deeper sense this is quite apparent by the recidivist rates of the penal system into which those sentenced to incarceration are sent – one which is obviously ineffective, inappropriate and even more devolved than the injustice system which delivered the inmate there to start with.  where, we ask, was it ever contrived or ordered or deemed or written that those who are ‘convicted’ of these human crimes should be so judged to the point where their incarceration is demanded, and for extended periods of time, with the latent intent of punishing, and with no semblance, principally, of any plan for sincere ‘rehabilitation’ of the individual?  the whole notion here seems quite medieval at best.

rather, the goal, it seems, is to force surrender and submission of the will; to extract obedience and discipline; to control, to dominate, to subjugate and to degrade – verily, some of the same traits, incidentally, that these alleged perpetrators have foisted upon their own supposed victims.  so there isn’t really any ostensible intent to teach, to renew or to rejuvenate the being, nor to instill a sense of spiritual responsibility for the development of the soul.  the program is designed rather to scare the individual into ‘following the rules’ and to dare them almost to try to circumvent or to break them.  and this is so because the incarcerated being has already been ‘adjudged’ by a somewhat defective structure, and is thus stigmatized, labeled and relegated to the dust bin of human existence, both morally, legally, civilly and culturally.  Or is it the waste bin, we ask?

how, therefore, can a person be expected to grow, advance and learn, or come to an understanding of what an orderly and benevolent society looks and feels like under these conditions?  what example is being shown to these less aware individuals, who prey upon others for their own satisfaction, interests and needs?  does it seem possible that once reduced to the lot of those rejected by society as ‘criminal’ and then caged in a block of cells with others of the same ilk and stain, that there can be any realistic hope of remediation or reframing of the elements that caused these conditions at the outset?

in other words, institutionally isolating and standing guard over these individuals to prevent them from overcoming the ravages of these sentences; instilling unmitigated fear in their beings and threatening them with more isolation and even more punishment; segregating them from the trappings of a civilized life and baiting them with positive and negative reinforcement, is but a barren and arcane manner in which to elevate them to a place of higher awareness and the evolution of their souls.

and the same prosecutorial system which sought not to merely ascertain facts and to render impartial analyses and conclusions, is equally at fault here when it either impedes the due administration of justice or fails to adequately and properly heed, ignores or conceals evidence.  or perhaps even demeans the passionate expressions of innocence and a lack of due process.

that, we are afraid, is not justice at all, and this is not the due administration of justice where files are replete with exculpatory evidence which was not revealed or disclosed, as required by law, and where facts are distorted and testimony corrupted to render verdicts and judgments that are maligned and in these circumstances, devoid of truth.

this has all apparently become endemic, and in this new age of discovery, and of revelations of truth and disclosure, of the crumbling of long established institutions, the purging and cleansing of unacceptable methods and motives, the moment has now arrived to reconstruct the pillars of good and sound and admirable government and dispose of any signs of prejudice, partisanship, hatred or injustice, and to mete out the civil and criminal laws and statutes in an orderly, admirable and decent manner.

and it is also said that justice that is delayed, is justice denied.  in the case of that noble and benevolent crusader against apartheid, or where that torrent of a prize fighter was victimized by the same racism and the fear that accompanies such movements, we can see, for example, how a virtual lifetime can be spent in striving for vindication, truth, transparency and fairness.  and we can witness the despair and the hopelessness that attaches to such a plight.  and in these dark visions, we are reminded that only the due administration of justice can support and succor, like the columns of old, good government and one in which the populace has confidence and trust.

so are we to be condemned to a brand of justice which is rendered only when ‘good government’ intervenes?  or more precisely, do we have to await the Lords of Karma to enter and to mete out what is and what will ultimately be due to those involved, instead?

one can only imagine the struggle of an inmate wrongfully convicted and sentenced to a lifetime of incarceration in trying to reconcile the injustice perpetrated upon such individual.

let us not be misunderstood here, for it is agreed and acknowledged that the human law is vital and necessary, in this moment of time and history, still, to the stability of our civilizations, since mankind has not yet learned how to reach higher and to govern itself. we are still afflicted with the need to be regulated and policed and prosecuted for our social and moral transgressions as, en masse, we have not yet been able to understand that the things that we do, which comprise the crimes we define – social, moral, environmental and otherwise – are not only senseless, but derive from spiritual ignorance and a need for the material as opposed to an appreciation of the formless.

for if we all understood that the motivations for these acts are borne out of misplaced values and emotions which emanate from a crude and shallow knowing of what is truly important in human development, perhaps the perspectives would change and these actions would be altered.

it has been said that the three most common motivations for crime are money, sex and revenge.  if it were better known – and felt – that these are not important or even necessary to the true development of an elevated being, and in fact can even sometimes be adverse and counterproductive at best when deemed priorities in life, a great step could be taken in prevention and deterrence, which is so direly needed and sorely lacking now.

moreover, in comprehending this fully and sincerely, perhaps a different approach to the administration of justice would ensue.  perhaps one tempered with compassion and a search for truth, instead of the pursuit of a mere conviction would be more prevalent.

but it seems we are not ready for that yet, as evidenced by the need to condemn, to judge, to unfairly accuse, charge, prosecute and sentence individuals just to tally statistics, to satisfy personal needs, or rather, to glorify oneself and one’s ego in the ostensible search for ‘justice’.

besides which, it is somewhat smug to even begin to think that on the human level, in this earth plane, we can judge anyone or anything, and then consequently render punishment, when this does not even exist in the higher, ethereal planes, where one, upon passing, evaluates, examines and judges one’s own life course and decisions and actions, once released from the flesh.

then, and there, in the mid plane existence, in between incarnations, is where the judgment is applied and prevails. but not by guilt or punishment or ridicule or the self righteousness that mankind knows.  instead, this process is governed by universal principles and the exactitude of spiritual laws, which supersede all human predilections and rules and create balance and learning where needed.

so it is ultimately there that we stand, sentenced to justice, duly administered, instead, but without the effects of a system compromised by human error and man made judgment, for

“The Due Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government”.

it is time we looked to the hierarchy of the non physical planes, and to the order which prevails there, and understand that the due administration of karmic justice is the firmest pillar of these unseen governing forces, and not those of mankind.

when that time arrives, we will then have no need for due process here, as the entire system will have then become obsolete.

and that will be Good.








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Moved again in this immediate time of turmoil; of implosions and explosions; of warring factions, ideals and nations, now percolating to a boil, to pronounce and to denounce the weaponry, the purported warriors and the savaging of non combatants.

To this end, our mantra remains – Give Peace a Chance….

But not only the laying down of arms, or the goodwill among nations or people.

But the peace that is found beneath all of the chaos of the world and of thought.

It is the stillness of the soul and of the silence within.

It is only to be found in the Spirit of mankind.



What voice harkens man

to turn metal into murder

and to dare to deface this peaceful earth?

What movement dare perpetuate this sin

on this dire plane

and displace all of our right to human mirth?


Where in time will the lesson be learned

that parity permeates

from within the soul?

And how can he look himself

in the vested eye

and not imbue this horrendous toll?


We reap what we sew

and our karma abounds

destined to repeat

until harmony sounds


War is hell and no one wins



c 2014 thespiritualaw



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Nuclear Haste

As our whole civilization teeters on the brink of collapse, we are otherwise indulging in a current political debate and a vote no less about the efficacy and potential of nuclear proliferation.  In the midst of poverty, wars, discrimination and social injustices, the likes of which have never been seen before, our so called ‘leaders’ are dallying over who can prevent whom from decimating our race.

This is a worldwide phenomenon and is not merely contained within or limited to our borders. It is endemic to society. Meanwhile acts of religious fanaticism cloaked in purity and worship pervade our world under the nomenclature of ‘terrorism’.

How bizarre, how sad.

We read our history as if it pertained to another planet or race or culture and learn very little about what its lessons had meant. This is because the traditional rules and mores and standards behind our understanding of reality are flawed. Our ‘leaders’ still believe in ideals which are outdated, inapplicable and even in some cases primitive. Hence, the populace follows in line because they either know no better, are conditioned to do so, or simply just don’t have the desire to look deeper. It is all a case of spiritual malaise.

In fact, those in authority are so entrenched in their comfortable positions and roles, that they would not and do not want to have their constituents awakened or enlightened for this would threaten and undermine and upset the order of things, and invade their ego minds. As a result, they foster and perpetuate ignorance and obedience instead, using the ultimate weapon of mass destruction: fear.

And now, today, we have a deadline, not a red line, in which to ‘sell’ a pre packaged and non negotiable agreement to our legislators which is designed to stop another government from developing nuclear weapons capability – under the threat of war – if it is not approved and accepted.

How bizarre, how sad.

Has it ever dawned on anyone that this haste, this nuclear haste to indulge in such insanity is arcane and inappropriate? Has it not occurred to these so called politicians and religious leaders that this is all madness? Do they not yet comprehend that such actions, reactions and ultimatums are the product of centuries of errors and misunderstandings of the higher order of things? Can they not see how backwards and how counter productive their feeble arguments really are?

Let us put this in perspective here. How can a purported republic in the guise of a democracy and an alleged dictatorship spewing a religious theocracy nobly and naively stand there and discuss the prospects of incinerating an entire race of human beings, potentially, and look themselves in the eye or go to sleep at night without understanding how little progress they have made as people and as ‘leaders’?

Isn’t it clear to them that any discussion of this kind is unseemly, unproductive, a poor example to the masses, immature and even uncivilized? Can they not see that it is completely irrelevant as to who has or should have any intention to utilize the gift of nuclear fission for anything other than beneficial social purposes?

Do they really not know that we are approaching or have reached a point in the evolution of human consciousness where such thinking is no longer acceptable, where threats of this kind are criminal and where war is an alternative long relegated to the annals of a disastrous history? What will it take to educate mankind spiritually that there is no haste to complete nuclear compacts, there is no need to settle these disputes, there is no calling to even think along these lines anymore?

What will it take?

Instead, why would they not be concentrating on educating the masses as to the higher realms and dimensions of the non physical, spirit worlds, to the reality that we are just spirits in this material world and that the universal and spiritual laws of karma apply, inescapably, and without exception to individuals and to societies and nations as well? That our purpose here is to coexist in peace and to tolerate, accept and just be kind to one another?

Instead, why are they posturing and prevaricating, still, and threatening one another with sublime and ridiculous rhetoric which is foolish and potentially destructive?

What will it take?

We ask that all who hear these words share a moment in silence, in serenity, to ask those in the spirit world to continue the work of showing the signs, providing the energies, allowing the movements and the patterns of peace and tranquility to pervade the earth plane and avert nuclear proliferation and the insane need to regulate our thirst and desire to annihilate one another through written agreements, rules, provisions, treaties or whatever terminology or form is applied to these covenants which are designed to avoid war.

Such actions should not be a part of our natural conduct and behavior, nor should they be a necessity. Rather, we are supposed to be way beyond this, and yet we are not, for we still have to monitor each other like children in a school yard who do not yet understand the dangers of wandering off into the streets unattended and unguided.

How bizarre, how sad, yet how true.


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In My Little Town

One year ago, during these very same late night and pre dawn hours, here in my little town, our little world was uprooted and sidelined by a tumultuous ‘natural’ event, the likes of which most involved had never experienced before. I endured this passage both patiently and stoically and had a keen understanding of the root causes and the need for such a claimed ‘catastrophe’ – as it was called by some. I had fortunately been exposed to a similar event some years earlier and had the benefit of that moment to guide me through the process and to shine some light on this very dark and dreary night.

In fact, it was not even unexpected or unwarranted from a certain perspective, as i had learned many years before, from a somewhat unorthodox source that “….if you did not have storms, you would all go insane.”  So with this in mind, i was able to stand apart, as the spectator, almost, regardless of the fact that i was literally in the eye of the storm.

And in a strange way, it all made me wonder about the past – in my little town – when i was just a little boy, and when i really did not grow up believing that god keeps his eye on us all. Instead, i grew up experiencing strange events of a nature which were quite unusual and uncommon, as my perspective was a little distant and unlike that of the other kids i knew, and reconciling the world around me was almost impossible then anyway.

I saw and felt a world in disarray and at war with itself. It was a place where chaos and confusion dominated, both at home and also in the world at large as i had gleaned it then from the evening news reports on television and in the papers.  So i used to wonder where this god was that everyone spoke so highly of and how he could allow such disturbances in his own backyard. It was unacceptable to me that he would, or that he was keeping his eye on us all, and i did not believe that, even back then.

Once, in the second grade, in a new suburban public school for the first time, i recall, for example, pledging allegiance to a flag that hung in the front of a classroom because we were told to, and were required to, even though i had no understanding at all of what we were actually saying or doing then.  We really did pledge allegiance to the wall, only, because even though we were instructed to turn and face this flag, it was as if we were talking to a wall as we recited these unfamiliar and pseudo patriotic words. But i never felt any god lean upon me in those dedicated moments, even though i was told we were one nation under this god and indivisible. It went like this:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Strange as it may seem now, it is a historical fact that only in 1954 that this phrase “under God” was added to this pledge on Flag Day of that year, as i understand it. Did he just then begin to keep his eye on us all, i wonder now, or was he just not allowed to let us know he already was, until that year? Either way, it seems odd to me that a resolution of our so called ‘congress’ was required then to permit him to stand over our ‘one nation’.  What about the other nations on this planet, then?  Who and where are their gods, and were they, too, indivisible, as well?

Nevertheless, in the middle of this second grade, as i recall now, a new president had just been recently elected and we were carefully being introduced to what we later came to understand as an inauguration ceremony as he took the oath of office.  There was great exhilaration in the mood of our teacher as she explained this event to us and even taught us his first, middle and last name. We memorized it and mimicked it as we were told to do, again, with the whole class saying it out loud a few times, in unison, as she delicately wrote it out in script on the blackboard.

Then, suddenly, only a few grades later, our lesson was interrupted in the late morning one day as our African American Music Teacher erupted into hysteria when someone entered the classroom and whispered into her ear. A few minutes later, when she had composed herself enough to speak, we were told that this very beloved president with the three names we had all learned so well had just been shot and killed – assassinated in some far away state when his brains were splattered all over the inside of his open top limousine by a high powered rifle as he was being driven around in his motorcade.

Was this that the liberty and justice for all they were referring to earlier? And why wasn’t this god keeping his eye on him, i wonder, as he was, after all, the president?  Then, several days later, i actually watched his alleged assassin get shot dead on live black and white tv by a lunatic gunman as he was being led from a police station.  He was another guy with three names we also came to memorize, but for a very different reason, of course.

As time went on, a lot of other people with three names became well known, too, and it soon became apparent that this was not because they were revered or famous, but rather because they were to become infamous. It then became the norm for decades thereafter to be known by three names whenever someone committed some outrageous or heinous crime against our society, and this became a little confusing, i must admit. Especially because the good guys like presidents and others like them were usually known by their first names and last names only, or maybe even an acronym or nick name. Sometimes, a middle initial would also be thrown in for good measure, too, as a feature of distinction. I was confused again to say the least, as i had three names, too, but no one ever referred to me that way.

But in my little town, this then became a world where a president was killed and a country mourned while we ate corn flakes for breakfast and played baseball outside in the street, oblivious to the real reasons behind all of this, but still keenly aware of the dark mood and the somber state of things around us. But what happened to that pledge of allegiance to that flag and to the republic for which it stood, i asked myself as we watched the populace, on tv once again, enter the capitol rotunda for days on end to participate in this serene funeral of this revered president? None of this made any sense to a little boy from a little town, inquisitively watching black and white tv at home in his suburban living room.

Meanwhile, in another far away country we hardly even heard of yet, a monk had set himself on fire in his street and a war began.  We got scared when we heard our country might become involved in this foreign war and things then began to get dark, or even darker. It was quite disconcerting as we were busy getting ready for the World Series while yet another pall then settled over our immature minds – too immature for these things, at any rate.   And all of that was many years ago and many, many things, both tragic and traumatic have occurred since then to our nation, our society and to our culture; things too numerous to adequately mention or describe here.

But last year, there was not much going on in my new little town during these late night and pre dawn hours except the dead and dying, both physically and in spirit, as nature ripped a hole through our lives and drowned nearly everything in sight. She brought a full moon, high tides, winds and rain and powerful surges of the seas – with flooding of near biblical proportions – resulting in inconceivable damage.

I experienced this disaster in technicolor, even though the night was black as ink, with no electricity and no lights, both indoors and outside.  That full moon shone as a beacon against a pitch black sky, reflecting down into the neck high water from the rows of houses on either side of the street. The water table rocked like the wake in a bathtub. Echoes of the voices of those fleeing from a chain of burning houses just down the street struck a poignant chord within, sounding a cry of terror, as they rowed through the street to refuge, balancing on slabs of debris from broken wooden decks and makeshift canoes in what was now a canal.

I was forced to venture out several times into that cold raging stream, punched inland by the rushing tide, to assist in retrieving a neighbor, a lone wife, someone’s mother, a grandmother, who was defenseless as her home was slowly becoming absorbed by the rising of this untamed surge of the sea. Once safely ensconced inside, i could now look out and see the embers from these burning houses shooting all around, relentlessly, like fireflies, hitting the remaining houses and threatening to burn yet another one to the ground, maybe even the one in which i thought i was safe in then.  The odor was strong and thick and pungent and our breathing was challenged, even indoors here. We stood frozen at the windows, watching and waiting for the fires to take their own last breaths too.  It was a long and harrowing night and one that screamed with the stillness of danger.

Then, suddenly, the water level seemed to stop rising and with a creeping, snail like precision, began to recede, slowly, inch by inch, as i watched the high water mark on a vehicle outside become visible. I felt an air of relief and after a brief rest when the water level had reached the curb only, the darkness enveloping this night began to beckon and i ventured outside again. Right down the block, i witnessed the horror she left behind – scores of houses now reduced to ashes while in the pre dawn darkness, a handful of firefighters were battling the remnants of the last flames which engulfed the few buildings they could finally reach once the water was low enough to allow them access to these barren streets. No sirens, no emergency vehicles, but only a single fire truck with the red cherry light on the top of its cab revolving around and around, drawing me closer and closer to that horrid site, as i walked closer, almost hypnotized by the darting flames in the distance, the chalky feel of fresh smoke and the smoldering ashes on both sides of the street. It was eerie and awesome but the devastation was stark and that smell of burning wood and cinder was almost unbearable. There was a silence about it all that belied the reality, the kind of stillness that only accompanies the aftermath of a natural disaster.

When the daylight eventually arrived on this very date, the remains of my little town on this block were now hardly recognizable and tales of that night’s woes began circulating like gossip. Shock and confusion were written on the faces of all who witnessed the powerful effects of this affair, and who never imagined they would be subjected to the enormity of such forces and who could not understand why or how this could have snuck up behind them and shattered the comfort and security of their lives.  They had thought they were immune to such energies and yet stories of friends and neighbors who were killed and homes that were consumed or leveled by the force of the infringing ocean, now resonated with a reality that was virtually incomprehensible to them.  In a word, their spirits were crushed.

And thus, just one year ago, this god, who was just supposed to keep his eye on us all, just stepped aside, i guess, as this little town endured what became a gravely memorable experience, the likes of which most here have never seen or dreamed of, and the effects of which are still being felt and dealt with even today.

Yet here, i am not a little boy anymore, and yet, i still see the likes of such tragedies and calamities in our world which i had witnessed as that little boy back then. Except that it is getting worse lately, and more frequent, and it is a more ominous time now, if you can imagine that.  We have another foreign war going on that we are inextricably involved in, our political scene is rampant with deceit and despair and our quality of life is consistently marred by the screams of the media, pounding all of this negativity into our consciousness by the hour. Violent acts of carnage and massacre abound, regularly, and there seems to be no relief in sight. And my little town is now a little city and our world has shrunk because of impersonal electronic devices and innumerable cable channels, websites and social media agendas and distractions, while these storms are now much more prevalent and more deadly than ever before.

But from my own point of view, this was all a cleansing, a purging and an awakening, a renewal sorely needed to disburse certain energies that were driving this region into an insane pattern of tumult and internal dissonance. It was indeed another wake up call, the likes of which we had seen here on that fateful day in September some eleven years prior – the one which did not seem to resonate deeply enough within my little town or elsewhere since then. So Mr. Universe did some calculations and re-calibrations, it appears, and decided that another dose of ‘catastrophe’ would be helpful or even necessary here to restore some much needed sanity, as he called upon his Mistress, Mother Nature, to imbue us with some more ethereal medicine of his own brand.

So are we to still believe that there is this god who keeps his eye on us all, or would it behoove us more to look deep within ourselves and find the god consciousness we were all created from, and implement and share that instead with our co-inhabitants on this planet? Wouldn’t that make for a better world and a more promising future? And wouldn’t that influence those around us to act more civilly too, so our progeny can experience and enjoy the times to come instead of lamenting the past errors of history, as we have done?

Perhaps so, and then in my little town, and in yours, we might all sleep a little better and maybe wake up to some peace and tranquility with productivity and progress, without climactic aberrations, trauma and destruction.  And then, we can all pledge a true allegiance to whatever flag or nation we choose, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice – for all.

And after it rains, there’s a rainbow……


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As Within So Without

As Within, So Without

the outer condition is nothing more than a reflection of the inner state of being.  where there is harmony and unity within, there is peacefulness and tranquility without. where there is health and vitality of the physical unit, it is because the inner being is settled and therefore the two are in alignment.   the physical, outward appearance and even especially the events effecting one’s existence are no more than expressions of their inner reality.

as within, so without.

where there is clutter and darkness and lack of attentiveness or neglect in the physical environment, it is a clear reflection of the conditions surrounding the unseen, unspoken and sometimes unattended and chaotic inner self, or circumstances, to the degree it exists in either.

where there is a fractured state of affairs and obvious pain, there will always be outward expressions of the same. when one cannot carry any more, the mechanisms to carry physically will be affected and when one cannot stand it any longer, the capability of standing physically will be struck as well. these are metaphors or symbols of the inner state and expressions of the desire to demonstrate the same in ways that can be understood and sympathized with. one correllates to the other. and they occur when words no longer have any meaning or effect, for words are always countered with more words, but physical expressions of non physical conditions require and ask for physical actions in response. this is the inner being crying out, or crying out loud to be heard, and nothing more where nothing else seems to have any effect.

as within, so without.

where one suffers physical ailments or frailty or weakness it is due to the unresolved status and confusion of their mind and energies. and this can symbolize the weakness of spirit or of heart. there are no accidents per se, as everything happens by design at some level or another. and frantic or frenetic activity is not an expression of control or even physical capability – it is more of a frank and stark statement of escape and distraction. strength manifested in power, inner control and contentment are the opposite. seeking to avoid and stepping over or around obstacles, poking around in the dark in the face of knowledge and awareness is stumbling, and is not resolution or understanding and can lead to injury of both the inner and outer being.

so the wounds of the flesh are no more than the pains of the spirit. that is the way of the universe. and the wounded are those who are experiencing growing pains, for what the mind cannot process, the body always must. and in this growth, there comes change, and yet when the change does not occur, the inner and outer being are then in conflict and more pain must occur to force more growth and to achieve changes. or else the cycle will repeat until it is completed.

yet, always remember - No one Ever gets anything they deserve or do not deserve, but Everyone Always gets Only exactly what they need.

that is truth manifested in reality, for deserving implies judgment and in the Universal fields, there is no such thing as Judgment – there is only growth and expansion – and we are only given what we Need to accomplish these.   that is Spiritual Law.

so therefore…..

As Within, So Without


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The Nerve of Them All

In recent days, the world has been transfixed upon the horror of a crime against humanity as it has been described by our government and the media. The press is clamoring for more details, sordid stories and catchy anecdotes to report in search of attention and sensationalism. People are expressing their opinions and views on whether or not to retaliate in kind or to just stand by and not act at all.

We are here today to make clear our position and to remind us all of what we are really obliged to do in this remarkably abhorrent situation.

It seems that an adversary nation has decided to take the barbaric course of engaging in genocide, that is, the wholesale murder of innocent civilians - men women and even children of their own culture and nationality – by the use of artificial and deadly nerve agents of mass human destruction.  It is becoming readily apparent that this is an established fact now with the evidence to date supporting the case and proving incontrovertibly that this actually occurred.  Although the empirical forensic data has not yet been scientifically confirmed, the circumstantial evidence is already overwhelming.

These acts were authorized and committed as a part of the propagation of a civil war in a foreign nation by those in offices of “leadership,” i.e., presidential, bureaucratic, military, defense and otherwise.  No anonymous entity or agency actuated or ordered these strikes. Rather, it was borne out by human beings, individuals in authority, who made conscious choices and decisions to so act. No unknown or artificial body or undescribed municipality commanded or carried out these acts. Instead, men of alleged power concluded that this would be perpetrated and then instructed others to implement their orders, as is done in all conflicts and engagements of war and war time.

In response now to these acts and the carnage that has resulted from the use of these agents of death, it is been determined by the supposed world powers that be, that we shall respond accordingly and drop bombs, shoot missiles, deploy “conventional” arms and punish this foreign nation for its breach of an “international norm,” as it is called, which frowns upon the use of such gasses and agents.  It has been otherwise described as a violation of international law, and a flagrant one at that.

So the sanctions to be imposed now are intended to “deter and degrade” this nation from the further use of these weapons and to force compliance with this code of international covenants which expressly prohibits such acts. And the proposed methodology to accomplish this is more destruction, possibly more “collateral” or intended deaths and the desire to summon fear and respect in the process.

It is stated that some 1,429 human beings were savaged in this one attack and that 426 of them were children, as if this supposed to lend more strength or support for the prospective course of retaliation now.  Or, as if this is somehow a watershed moment where some inviolate moral law has been transgressed and that we may now pummel and maim in kind because of it. This is very sad and is unbecoming of an elevated society and is likewise an act of regression, and not progress, as the terrible irony here is that over one hundred thousand human beings have already been slaughtered in this very same nation thus far as a result of this intra-national, internal cultural and social conflict there.

Yet only now, when the indiscriminate and unjustified decimation of scores of civilians in an unconcealed act of genocide has been revealed, with almost one third of them being under aged children, by the “illegal” use of nerve agents which cause paralysis, scorching, burning, asphyxiation and ultimately death, only now is it deemed permissible to take retaliatory military action calculated to be punitive in nature.

We propose however that this reaction and suggested course of conduct is likewise impermissible, illegitimate and universally wrong.  An intelligent and reasoned analysis of this situation begs and cries for an obvious and different solution, one based in logic and fact as opposed to ego based expressions of dominance and subjugation. For who are we to scorn and to ridicule and criticize when we, too, have scarred the earth with tons of napalm and have wounded and killed vast numbers of both our “enemy,” their civilians and even our own civilians turned soldiers, some decades ago, in the midst of another foreign “civil war”?

Consider that these current acts were commissioned by human beings, men, individuals who planned and calculated and who ordered other men under the guise of governmental, bureaucratic and military authority to remove these weapons form storage, to place them upon guided missiles, to strategically aim them at specific targets and to deliberately fire them to accomplish their distorted and perverted goal of suppressing and killing other human beings.

Consider next that these conscious, intentional acts are in direct abrogation of settled codes of human protocol and human law, imposed by several other nations and in accord with common principles, stated within the purported conduct of death and war, as laid out by other men. Extrapolating further, understand next that those who violated these accords have now broken this law and have committed a criminal act in so doing.

Taking this reasoning to the next level, it is apparent then that these specific individuals who chose to violate this accepted code of conduct, this codified law, should now be subjected to punitive action pursuant to provisions this law. It is logical then that they themselves should be held accountable for their actions, their crime here, their transgressions against humanity, not withstanding whether they have murdered their own citizens, or anyone else by the use of these prohibited chemical agents.

While there are in place these so called “rules of war,” these controlling ordinances and laws, these procedures by which one may lawfully kill and therefore eliminate their enemies, it would be sheer hypocrisy to ignore them now and opt for mass destruction of a conventional kind upon the land mass and upon edifices and infrastructures which bear no relation or responsibility for the actions of a handful of individuals who perpetrated this barbarity.

It is more their institutions that have to be dismantled and not the buildings or structures that house them.  We must disassemble not the form, but the substance of their ideologies and actions. And to do this effectively, they must be publicly tried and exposed in order to facilitate a higher example founded in a higher law than even their human, man made law.

Otherwise, why then do we have these laws? Are these written codes of conduct nothing more than just paper tigers to be ignored and circumvented for the aggrandizement of political leaders who would stoop so low as to wreak more havoc upon an already saturated civilization, or to merely advance some banal political policy or posture? What then is the acceptable course here in dealing with this foreign “civil” war? Isn’t there an independent, neutral tribunal already in place and operating for more than a half a century which is designed to investigate, accuse, prosecute and punish those who violate such inter-national laws?

So, why then are we not abiding by this procedure and law and bringing those individuals who ordered these acts to justice in this court of international criminal law as we have done after our second worldly war; as we did after we corralled that foe from the gulf; as we did by indictment and prosecution of the recent slavic leaders who amassed untold amounts of deaths by purging? Is that not what this very judicial body was created and conceived for – this very specific purpose? And not coincidentally, isn’t this court of very competent jurisdiction also located precisely where these investigators of this heinous act emanate from and report to, as well?

Please explain if possible, what then is the problem here, where is the issue? Why is this not being done instead of some unilateral or bipartisan coalition of further embarrassing and unmitigated destruction?  Why then is this any different? We do not have to fight fire with fire, although some in positions of decision making here believe this is the proper route to take.  It is not!   What about the “rules of peace” for example at this most critical time? Are we not on the precipice of another global conflict here? Is this pure ignorance or just blind retribution? Or is it simply a primal response to an even more primal act?

In this regard, we say to once again indict – don’t incite; litigate – don’t incinerate; apply the human law here and now, or no law at all. If we cannot adhere to the universal law prohibiting war and violence in the first instance, then at least we should attempt to employ more humane actions and reactions instead.

Nor can we use the excuse that this is a necessary step to disrupt a civil war, as there is nothing civil about a war at all, but at least we can take a more civilized approach here and set a higher example by implementing an orderly trial process and a verdict based upon uncontroverted evidence, the credible testimony of witnesses and the meting out of just punishment – but only upon the individual human beings who are responsible here and who are in need of deterrence and whose ability to repeat such acts must be degraded and stopped. For if they cannot learn by their own hand, then they must be taught by the hand of another, and thus this primitive and inhuman regime will then be relegated to the pages of history as another step in the course of our human growth and development on this planet.

The nerve of them to do this to other human beings – and the nerve of us to think otherwise than to abide by the very human law we implemented for this very reason and purpose.



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In Commemorating…

On this last day of this sixth month, we follow the pattern once again as given and commemorate the initial opening of this expression.
In the period since the inception of this effort, much has been learned, shared and experienced. And in recognition of this, as we now embark upon a further step in this process, it is time to pause and to give brief and silent acknowledgement.
Let us prepare for the task ahead to continue this expression with divine guidance and intentions and heartfelt messages of healing and awareness.
For only that ye give away, do ye possess…

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The Summer Solstice

After a brief respite, while the seasons adjusted – from Solstice to Solstice – it is now time to resume this dialogue and present a renewed perspective here again.

As the Sun now rises to its highest point above the equator, providing the most sunlight of any day of the year, we, too, now move further into the highest light, once again, and return to the path and purpose intended, shining brightly and reflecting a journey dedicated to sharing and healing and guiding in that light.

So now, commensurate with this alignment at 1.04 am edt, let us give thanks and continue forward.


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