Hello world!

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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Eddie and Susan says:

    Greetings, Salutations and Congratulations on a long coming accomplishment and thank you on behalf of all of us fellow seekers. All is well as is intended. Celebration shall follow

  2. Barbara-ann Sodergren says:

    I attended the presentation on Life after Death, and although I had always had these secret thoughts, they have become very clear to me. I am so thankful and am hoping to develop my knowledge to inspire others to consider the same…..Excellent!!!!

  3. joseph says:

    We are grateful for your response and encouraged as well. Clarity is an important aspect of this process. Sharing with others is part of the role we assume when we have gained a certain perspective of insight and when we are thus inspired by it. The knowledge is obtained through study, reflection, meditation, personal experience, and as we suggested….by belief. Believing is seeing. We hope a measure of comfort and understanding has been imparted.

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