There is a lot of talk and even misconception which abounds to the effect that today is somehow the ‘end of the world’ – which we all know is silly, if not downright uninformed.

But in lieu of the volumes of words we could offer here regarding this momentous event in our lifetime, let us just say that it is a unique and powerful configuration of a cosmic alignment which occurs every twenty five thousand years or so and which is consistent with a dramatic shift in the earth plane, its density and its vibration.

In essence, then, it is not an end of the world at all, but merely and ending to our world as we know it, or more accurately, A New Beginning !


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In Tribute – Eleven Nine Elevens

Today we commemorate the Eleventh Nine Eleven, and in so doing, we deem it appropriate and would like to share the following here as a tribute to that event and to those who left this plane, as well as those who remained here to bear witness to these departures.

Having partaken briefly in the effort at this hallowed site, and having felt the energy there one day, an essay was prepared describing that experience entitled, “ode to nine eleven.”

In homage to that sacred site and to the souls who bravely made that event their passage, a few short excerpts from that piece are included here to offer a glimpse of the moment and the aura in describing what it was like to participate in a slice of that historical and spiritual event:

“today, i worked as a volunteer at the main crash site – ground zero – in the belly of the beast, at the world trade center in new york city. in order to reach this site, i had to walk over the brooklyn bridge and for several miles in total to get there, and back, because the subway trains are not working as usual. the weather was dry and very hot, but as soon as i touched the manhattan side of the bridge, the permeating smell of smoke and the swirling dust in the air was immediately evident.

“this trip was marked by the sight of scores of policeman, military and emergency personnel guarding the streets and blocking access to a large area from the southern tip of manhattan upwards about ten or more blocks. once inside that perimeter it was like a ghost town, but more like a mirage or a dream sequence. this feeling was all the more so because i had been quite used to being right there, for decades of my life, with  thousands and thousands of people at a time casually walking around, all with no hint of such change to come. under normal circumstances, it is immaculately clean and well kept around there. today it is barren and eerie and it is literally cluttered with tons of paper, dust and ashes strewn everywhere, on everything around you and circling in the air still. it is a soft, white, powdered dust, almost like talcum, which is actually disintegrated concrete and glass, heated and burnt and compressed to ashes.

“here and there in this zone people are wearing white surgical masks as they go about their respective duties. some official personnel are actually wearing gas masks because the proliferation of dust and debris is still so great, especially at the actual crash site, that it is unbearable without one if you should remain there for any length of time. goggles are also very prevalent as well because if this stuff should get in your eyes, it is really quite uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

“after walking all the way into the site, and upon reaching the actual wreckage, it is quite unreal. in fact, it literally reminds one of a movie set where such simulated catastrophes are artificially created. yet the smoke from the smoldering debris and the very real dust in the air are an immediate reminder that this scene is very, very real and that lower manhattan is not the same. once inside the work zone, i stayed with the crews, helping with the removal of small debris. i handed out bottles of water and face masks, pulled hoses and did anything else i could do to assist in the effort….

“i showered, twice, and i ate a full meal, but i will never forget what i saw and felt, working, helping, watching and crying there with grown adults of all kinds and looking at life in a very different way both there, and then on the way home, too. lower manhattan will never be the same. our country will never be the same. this planet cannot now ever be the same, and we will no longer be the same as its inhabitants.

“at another level, however, this is humanity talking back to itself, urging us to wake up and to listen. this is the darker side of human nature which unfortunately keeps on rearing its ugly head as it did in rome, china, auschwitz, hiroshima and nagasaki, russia, vietnam, our civil war, the europe of the middle ages and since the dawn of man as we know him. and this is unacceptable and reflects the innate savagery of humankind. yet events like this are not spontaneous, but are more the culmination of decades of tension and hatred and disagreements. these things brew and are bred, they do not arise overnight. they are calculated and planned and take tremendous effort and resources for the benefit of hate – and we always hate the things we love, but can’t…..

“so as i walked those familiar streets on my way to work on this unfamiliar day in the role of a construction laborer, instead, i am pointedly reminded, too, that i went to work for years through these same streets wearing a suit and tie, on the subways, working for the benefit of others, in the law. but today, i walked those dank and dusty streets recalling the summers of my college years working hard in construction, then, too. today, however, i felt as though i belonged there nonetheless, for it was a day of work i could not miss. i wore a hard hat and boots and sweated through the pain and the duty because i had to. there just was no choice involved today…..

“this is modern day warfare and this is the preferred reaction for the modern day psyche – and this is my ode to nine eleven.

“ashes to ashes,  dust to dust. with tears in my eyes, all i can say for now is deliver us from this evil,    amen.”

In conclusion, it turned out that several more years were then spent as a volunteer in serving many who bore the pain and the experience as the surviving family members of their loved ones who took their leave that morning, but in a professional capacity instead.

To those who dedicated themselves to the restoration of this site, to those who remained as surviving family members and friends, and to those who departed in sacrifice of the progress of humanity, we bow in deference and respect and ask for comfort for their movement through their journeys as well.


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Let Us Prey

In dealing lately with nominations, desecrations, legislation and other unworldly events, it is time that we decry the efforts of those who would usurp the spiritual authority of their constituents at the expense of the supposed ideology they espouse.

The message conveyed here is that there is no more time or room or space left to prey upon those less aware, that class of our citizenry who are not capable of understanding the political or social or economic processes of society in general, nonetheless employ any ability to stand up to these forces. Instead, they are preyed upon, taken advantage of, taken for granted or just simply ignored as part of the landscape to be drawn upon and from, in advancing personal and other useless causes.

Has it not occurred to those who would create such conditions that a higher view or perception is that these large segments of society are one day going to rise up, to speak out and to state their desires and frustrations.  And in so doing, they will be setting the stage for change, once again, on the battlefield of history, while the predators scramble and furiously manipulate in order to maintain their so called elected or self appointed positions.

In all sincerity, it is going to be a somber day, a rude awakening, when the soldiers of change march into the picture and defend the defenseless, stop the madness and establish a margin, a perimeter, a safe zone, which the aggressors will not be able to breach. 

It will be a time when we will say aloud, let them prey no more, but let us pray instead!

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No Choice, or by Design ?

There is a large display advertisement in a major daily newspaper this week which was placed by a local cemetery. Odd at first that such a facility would even be advertising, one would think. More unusual however is the format of the ad itself. It is a full page, with bold copy, in italics, color photo graphics and a coupon for use in requesting a Free packet of information. The message, or pitch, was even more bizarre. This organization is offering its “exceptional services,” in a religious context, and touting itself as the one to select, to aspire to, above the others.

More relevant though is that the written message states that – while the time of our passing from this life to the next is not our choice, that our final resting place should be.

Confused is a mild statement of reaction here. Disconcerting is a clearer response. In this time or age which we have now reached just recently, it has become apparent that this approach to the passing is no longer viable, nor widely accepted anymore among those who look to a broader or a more awakened understanding of our place in the multi dimensional or eternal scheme of the universe.

While we honor the beliefs and the perspective of all others, we would still pause merely to question the notion that there is no choice as to the time of our passing - from this life to the next, as claimed in this ad. In fact, there is nothing but choice involved there, and the timing is all in perfection, irrespective of the outward appearances. For the soul entity, the higher self, in fact, most certainly decides when it is the time to depart, to shed that vehicle and return to spirit, and thus guides the personality then residing in that body in doing so. There is no ambiguity then, and no other force or influence has made or could make that decision – or choice. It is purely personal and in keeping with the soul’s higher purpose.

So to state that the final resting place for the now released physical vessel is the only matter of choice here, and thereby imply that the moment, and thus the means of this release is not, is inconsistent with current progressive thought and understanding, and paid advertisements espousing this theory are viewed lately as inapplicable and perhaps even outmoded.

It is also quite interesting to note that such facilities are now selling resting places, and are doing so by utilizing the subtle notion that our time of passing is random, not otherwise ordained and purely out of our control.  It is suggested here that we should therefore exercise control of some kind, relative to this process, and choose a final resting place instead, while we still have time. 

Is this a form of sublime exploitation of the psyche where one element of management of such a process is colored in these dire terms – that no choice exists - while the other purports to wash away these fears and clouds and provide comfort by virtue of some other defined choice?  Is it the intention here to offer some relief on the one hand, while still alive, where the sudden, unexpected departure from one’s physical life is perceived as beyond one’s control; and yet also state that the opportunity for choice in selecting a resting place for that physical form is the only choice yet at hand?

This seems disingenuous at best and patronizing, as well, since neither isactually beyond the control of the individual.  There is a grand design in each and every passing and the element of free will – the choice - is manifest in every such design.

But the selling of choices that already exist and the idea that they do not, are not only inconsistent but contrary to the reality as we have come to know it lately. Let us understand here that there is a choice as to the time of passing and there is a design which is conceived by the individual while in being. And that each singular pattern of separate and individual energies carries with it a karmic implication which was introduced by consent at another level - regardless of whether it be by ‘natural’ causes, an ‘accident,’ a seemingly unusual ‘disaster’ or just some unforeseen and unpredictable event. But none of these are invountarily visited upon us, not even dis-ease, or its counterpart, a similar physical impairment, not to mention, the passing.

And let us conclude here by validating that, yes, our final resting place has already been chosen in advance as well. For it is the astral mid-plane, the otherside, that space from which we have emanated before coming into the physical form, before the incarnation from spirit into the flesh, in each and every cycle of earth-bound existence.  

That is our final resting place – but only final until we return here and then begin anew.

And this is the design, as it exists eternally.

The choice then, has already been exercised, and there is no finality involved.


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Planet Earth….Year 2000

Guided here to bring you this original piece, received and transcribed in one stroke, some nights past.  A rhetorical message of the turning of the century, from a poetic viewpoint.

For your literary and metaphysical experience:

Planet Earth….Year 2000

Four slain
Three shot
Two raped
One not

Child neglect
Sex abuse
Domestic violence
No use

Cable news
Media hole
Sitcom brains
Murder roll

People crying
Every where
Families broke
Complete despair

TV mayhem
World unrest
Society spits
Nuclear test

Sidewalks bleed
Handgun sale
Air’s polluted
Politicians fail

Mother nature
Empty souls
Spirits vying
Maverick toll

World afire
Religions stuck
Moral downpour
…Poet’s luck!


(C 2012 / TheSpirituaLaw)

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When a person makes their transition and passes over, we say they are no longer awake, alive or in being, that is. Depending upon the circumstances of each passing, however, some people commonly cry, “tragedy” or “senseless” or even “unbelievable” it seems. And this is quite understandable, indeed.

Some even think the timeliness of it all is sometimes unfounded. “Not his or her time,” they would remark. “He just reached his goals,” or “his prime” or “she had everything set so well,” or “he had so much to live for,” they proclaim, in earnest.

Some people, if not most, are stunned, or even surprised, unable to reason or to reconcile this apparent dilemma. And yet, they think that they, themselves, are awake, aware or knowing. We propose this discourse here as a suggestion that they are not, per se. For in their resolute place of comfort, they are somewhat awkwardly mistaken. And in their more comfortable clichés, there is an inherent misconception here, from a more metaphysical perspective, that is.

Yet they gather solemnly and display the individual in corpus, only, in a ritual called a “wake.” And during a “wake” they cry and pray in sorrow and reminisce as they search for an answer, an explanation, a reason for it all which would help to make it all make sense.

And all the while, the being is now in spirit, only, and about to awake – or awaken – to a new reality, in a new dimension of existence, unencumbered by the flesh and devoid of the ego mind. A place, or space, rather, where thought immediately becomes manifestation and where nothing in the mind can be masked. An environment where one realizes upon reaching there that it is the life continued, and not ended, yet separated only by density.

So why then do they call it a “wake”? And when they do so, who is it that is awake and who is not? And is it possible that they might awaken to the understanding that it is they who perhaps are not yet “awake”?  If one considers that the moment and the means and the process of the passing is not random, but rather designed and enacted with consent and deliberation, ordained and in perfection of the soul, at some other level, and that there should be a celebration for the life lived and not any mourning for the parting in the form of a ”wake,” then the entire idea changes form and takes focus in a different light.

And we propose here that once delivered into the light of the otherside, an awakening occurs which is not contemplated conventionally while a being is “waked” as we know it. And moreover that this awakening, over there, is a universal experience and one which is veiled and not accessible to the conscious mind once the individual re-enters into being in its next incarnation to be.

Yet, while the passing is actually an awakening, itself, it is more a return home to that space between the lives, or lifetimes, where the life process continues in cyclical motion, in returning the spirit back to the physical form in the earth plane, once again.

So the transition, then, is part of a holistic process which is, in the context of a greater reality, the wonder of man’s existence. The awakening is but a moment in the whole, a spoke in the wheel, spinning eternally and with its own inertia and energy.  A perpetual motion.

This is the current of the passing, the trend yet to come in the ‘waking’ of our human counterparts and a new perception to be introduced within our culture in this process of celebrating the few last hours with the corpus before its interment or other means of reduction or disbursement.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, yet the energy essence of the human consciousness cannot ever be extinguished.

It is for ever ‘awake’.

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The Unkindest of Endeavors

In a recent documentary on one of the major military conflicts of the 1950′s, it was stated that ‘….war is truly the unkindest of endeavors.’   This seems an understatement given the conditions we face globally today and the current state and method of modern warfare.
Yet, we see that this is not a deterrent to the actions of those who would propagate such insanity and perpetuate the greatest error in human history. In fact, there are some who relish the thought of these campaigns and who actively promote the senselessness that accompanies them.
But where, a few weeks ago, as we had just acknowledged one peaceful warrior, and this last week, where we recognized the heritages of our forefathers, we would like now to take note of a recent news item which covered certain particular actions by certain military men upon what appear to be the inert corpses of their enemy combatants.
It seems that the press, the military and the establishment in general are in a state of consternation as to this alleged incident and are even angered and appalled. Shocked is a term that had been bantered about repeatedly. It seems that this type of action is in violation of the rules of engagement, the rules of war, as they are referred to, these conventions and treaties, and the protocol expected of members of the military. Officers of high military rank and others in government have openly expressed their disgust and dismay at seeing video footage of this alleged incident on worldwide television. Reporters who presented this coverage, despite their attempts at and their policies of remaining neutral in reporting, and fair or balanced, even had difficulty in not judging or criticizing this alleged conduct, as well.
Now, while we do not care to comment on, approve of, condone, object to, judge or in any way enter into a discussion on the propriety or lack thereof concerning these supposed acts here, we would, however, like to pose a serious dichotomy, instead, which is perplexing and confusing, even, in light of this apparently unilateral and quite passionate debate.
It seems that these soldiers have been and are taught and trained to maim, to wound, to annihilate human beings whom they do not even know – and by the very establishment which is now attacking them for these particular alleged acts - yet, they are not permitted, in the fog of war, or perhaps in the aftermath of a firefight or a battle, to relieve themselves physically upon or near the remains of those they were given permission to kill.
They are allowed to insert holes in the bodies of other human beings whom a state deems to be their enemies, and to destroy their right and ability to live; to deprive their families of their loved ones and of their existence in the process, but if they should so act as alleged here, they face reprisal, prosecution and possible sentencing for this supposed moral and legal transgression.
It is reminiscent of the narrative by Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, where he describes the ‘enemy’ as human beings, with feelings and with families, too, just like those who would attempt to eliminate them. He asserts that there is to be no judgment of them, as there can likewise be no judgment of the other. He is confounded by a similar paradox which purports to ascribe right to one side and wrong to another. He struggles deeply with the concept of good and evil.
And it is in this very heart of darkness where some would now invoke those purported rules of war to maintain that what has occurred here is unacceptable or repulsive. It is being said now that this conduct does not reflect the standard or values of troops such as these, and that it does great damage to the image of a nation which these individuals represent. This incident is being described as hideous, disgusting and egregious.

Moreover, this is being described as a desecration of the dead and there are promises of investigation and punitive sanctions.  It is being condemned as a violation of the international laws of war and of military regulations, and even called immoral, as a failure to adhere to the high standards expected of such personnel.
But how can we reconcile this apparent dilemma, then, when we ask these innocent beings to destroy the life force in other humans, to fill them full of metal projectiles, to scar, disable or mortally wound them, physically and psychologically; to aim, sometimes at protracted distances, at their vital organs, with high powered rifles, and yet expect them to act, then, as unfeeling automatons and to not have any reaction in expressing their dissatisfaction or frustration, perhaps upon surviving these engagements with their ‘enemy,’ by such conduct as described here?
Is this rational, acceptable, credible, intelligent or even real, and how are we to understand the motivation which would cause one who solicited the killing of other human beings to criticize, judge, vilify and punish another who would act in such a way on a battle ground, in a foreign territory and under such grave and inhuman circumstances to begin with? Is this hypocrisy, denial, a double standard, moral integrity or merely par for the course? Are we to just accept this thinking without question and conform emotionally by expressing no reaction to this, or may we state rather that this condemnation itself is egregious and that it cannot be tolerated?

For it can also be proposed that the very act of arming, training, teaching and approving of the attacking with firearms, bombs, explosive devices, etc., of other human beings, is tantamount to what is described and decried here as impermissible.

Or, one can argue that the treatment by these supposed enemies of other innocents, who may not be soldiers or military personnel, in eviscerating them, or in exploding them to pieces in the course of their own suicides is, in and of itself, more inhumane than the acts complained of here, which may even have been carried out, perhaps subliminally, in retribution for the former.

Where then, are the rules of war when these suicidal actions should occur? And where, more appropriately, are the rules of peace, which no one seems to care to address here in this context, or otherwise, it appears?

Have we lost perspective totally, or are we grasping at straws here? When will we, as a race, learn that this thing called war is the problem, the issue, the factor to be investigated, prosecuted, condemned, criticized and eliminated, and not the symptoms and effects which are being magnified and dissected here.  Is it idealistic or even preposterous to suggest that we call for a moratorium on war, itself, so that we then would not have to deal with acts such as those being scrutinized here, nor with the overall outrageous demands and hideous circumstances that arise in the course of such conflicts instead?

We think not, and yet the point here is not made to be unpatriotic or unsupportive of those who are put in harm’s way. There is no intent here to judge or to criticize, but merely to emphasize the notion that war is hell and has destroyed the sanctity of mankind and must be stopped at any cost. When we think of Dresden or Hiroshima or the Holocaust, the Crusades, Viet Nam or any other modern or ancient ‘theatre’ which man has engaged in, for instance, it is appalling to view the results and the devastation to life and to property and to the planet, the earth, on which we live, simply because people disagree, have fear and choose to hate.

And then, in the end, when one faction destroys more of the other and thus cripples their ability to defend themselves, treaties are made and reparations are paid, rebuilding occurs and peace arrives. But the damage is irrevocably done by then, and man has wounded and scarred itself, again, when it had the opportunity to not so engage to start with, or to make the peace initially.  So why go through all of those machinations, just to end up in the same place, but with such horrendous consequences inflicted in the process and with such reckless abandon? Has history taught us nothing? Have we not yet learned that this is not the answer?                                              

It seems that war, then, is truly the unkindest of endeavors.

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New Year’s Day….

There is a popular lyric from the early eighties which says that nothing changes new year’s day. Under everyday ordinary circumstances that may be so. And the meaning of this line may be very much intended to portray a situation where the status quo is maintained, and that even though war, or at least the imposition of martial law may have been imminent in this instance, nothing changed. Yet, the brilliance of this lyric is the irony it presents and the use of such a phrase in the face of oppression and dominance of one nation by another that was merely struggling just to be free and independent.
Today, however, some thirty years after the pronouncement of this idea, might we suggest that everything changes on this particular new year’s day? For instance, we can start by changing the social, the political, the financial and the cultural order of our institutions and systems. We can change the course of human history finally by eliminating these wars and racism and proprietary greed.                                                                                                       We can once again inject literature, music and art into our culture and our educational systems as we have never incorporated them before. We might also consider, in this vein, a greater understanding and of the metaphysical, the spiritual, the non denominational, and the reality of our multidimensional existences, instead of the obsessive concentration on and preoccupation with our technological implementations and advancements.
In an ideal world, there would be only a mutual coexistence which respects the environment and the interests of others as if they were one’s own. Why then can we not begin that process now while we have the awareness and the insight and the opportunity to be the example and to show what is necessary to accomplish this?
Perhaps we can begin here by examining the party system in our political arena as it is timely in this week to come. We are mainly subjected to a two party system, when in fact, we should have no parties whatsoever. Instead, individuals should earn their elected positions by proposing platforms which do not conform to a group mentality or special or other interests, but rather which espouse their own individual ideas and intentions.     These proposals or agendas should be written and formalized for the electorate to review and to scrutinize. Instead of televised entertainment like debates, candidates should meet personally with groups of seasoned voters in all localities who would examine their views in a public forum and who would propound questions and scenarios for the candidate to respond to spontaneously. The current routine is too staged and artificial and does not adequately reflect the needs or the voice of the people of this democratic republic of ours and is not really a debate at all, but more accurately, we would classify such as an audition, and not indicative of the capabilities of and elected official, especially in such trying times as today.                                                                                                                                                   For candidates are and have always been, it seems, beholden to party ideals and the hierarchy which implants them in our psyche. And when one arrives on the scene who has the temerity to attempt individualism or non conformity, the media operatives crank up the machine and vilify, decimate and undermine their core messages. In this process, they cable news us into a cycle of nauseating oblivion and rhetorical repetition which turns the entire methodology of an election into a side show and an embarrassment.                        Where then, is the dignity of human expression and the true representation of a populace in this time and age when we need it most?                                                                                    Turning now to the present moment again, what is it we would like to change today if we had the opportunity? It is easy and it sounds fashionable to just say we would like to have world peace, but we must understand that until the vibrations of those holding onto our governments and institutions change, or are replaced, we will be hard pressed to make any significant progress along these lines. We can, however, and must, in fact, concentrate on our own individual processes of empowerment and enlightenment. It is essential that on an individual basis, we all seek to elevate, to grow and to mature in preparation for a time when we, or our offspring, are eventually coordinating the operations and the direction of the social, cultural and other important matters which we abide by and adhere to in a civilized state every day. In this manner, we will then be capable of making the changes necessary for a more stable economy, and for educational and other necessary programs.  Otherwise, we will be left again to the devices of those who do not understand a greater awareness and the need to rise above personal gain and self aggrandizement.                         We would suggest then, that we begin with our progeny if we, ourselves, on this new year’s day care to change all we can in the upcoming year.  It is not about proselytizing or pontificating, but more effectively, about learning, studying, looking within, meditating and communicating with our inner being and inner realities for a start, as we can then become genuine examples to our youth and to those we would desire to hold in contrast to our ideals and higher aspirations.                                                                                                            So as we contemplate war, again, evade war lately and withdraw from war just recently, it is a time to reflect and to understand that war is based only on power, fear and hatred and the unsettling notion that one people can or should engage in the destruction of another, or defend against the cause of the same. It is, and always has been a barbaric concept and human trait that allows such punishing forces to be unleashed within and upon mankind. And it is not becoming of a self proclaimed civilized twenty first century society to proliferate such destruction, death and degradation, such waste of resources and diversion of creative energy in such non productive and irreversible action. 

 Nothing changes new year’s day unless we take the initiative to effect a change within!


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Current News of the World

Today, we focus briefly on the current state of our world affairs.
It is most disconcerting to hear and to see news all over the world of social unrest, political upheaval and oppression on a regular basis lately.
We ask, ‘Why are there individuals and movements which do not seem to comprehend the broader picture, which cannot apparently understand the ramifications of their actions.’
It is wholly unacceptable in this time period and at this stage in the recent happenings in and about the earth plane to have these forces causing such a disruption of the patterns and energies within and surrounding the planet. Yet, on the other hand, it is, ostensibly, quite necessary in order to purge from our sphere the old, ingrained methods, processes, institutions and beliefs which have stagnated our growth and have rendered us paralyzed, virtually, in the evolution of our consciousness.
As it has been so aptly said, most of our problems come from spiritual ignorance. And the root of this is fear; it is fear of others, fear of the unknown and the inability to accept that which is unlike or foreign to one’s own apprehensions or understandings.
Such is the antithesis of faith, and represents the universal dilemma of mankind since its arrival in the physical form.
Let us move beyond these limitations and, without haste, usher in a new era and a greater purpose based on higher principles and a deeper sensitivity towards the whole of man, as opposed to the individual gains of a few only.

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Hello world!

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