In General


This domain is designed to provide a Metaphysical perspective in alignment with those Spiritual or Universal laws which are most relevant in the Earth Plane at this particular hour of our development. It is intended that the Seeker find here some of the tools and insights which can be useful and effective in assisting and in enabling the Journey onward in these most unique and complicated times.

Within these pages, we aim to explore such subjects as: The Spirit, Mediumship and Channeling, Trance Spirit Art, The Transition from the Physical Form, Life on The Otherside, Reincarnation, Clairvoyance and Precognition, Meditation, Dreams and Out of Body Experiences, Modern Day Alternative Methods of Healing, ie, Rieki and Homeopathy, Other Worldly Existences and Dimensions, Metaphysical Writings, Books and other Materials of like kind, Natural and other such Disasters, Tragedies and Phenomena, and various related subjects and issues connected to our current challenges and the Expansion of Human Consciousness in this New Age.

Our Mission


It is our considered purpose here to aid in the Evolution of the Consciousness of Mankind and the achievement of Peace within, both on an Individual basis and En Masse. And, in the course of this, to assist and to participate in the World Wide Transition from the Third Density, or Dimension, to the Now Emerging Fourth Level of our Existence here on Earth in the physical form.

In so doing, it is our goal to shine a light in the seemingly dark corridors of our present world and to aid in ushering in a New Age, a New Paradigm and a renewed planet, devoid of wars, hatred and the cultures of power and greed – But one, replaced instead, with equality, sharing, love, cooperation and peaceful prosperity.


Quote of the Hour

"Sell your
and buy

- Rumi

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