When a person makes their transition and passes over, we say they are no longer awake, alive or in being, that is. Depending upon the circumstances of each passing, however, some people commonly cry, “tragedy” or “senseless” or even “unbelievable” it seems. And this is quite understandable, indeed. Some even think the timeliness of it all is sometimes unfounded. “Not his or her time,” they would remark. “He just reached his goals,” or “his prime” or “she had everything set so well,” or “he had so much to live for,” they proclaim, in earnest. Some people, if not most, are stunned, or even surprised, unable to reason or to reconcile this apparent dilemma. And yet, they think that they, themselves, are awake, aware or knowing. We propose this discourse here as a suggestion that they are not, per se. For in their resolute place of comfort, they are somewhat awkwardly mistaken. And in their [...]

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The Unkindest of Endeavors

In a recent documentary on one of the major military conflicts of the 1950's, it was stated that '....war is truly the unkindest of endeavors.'   This seems an understatement given the conditions we face globally today and the current state and method of modern warfare. Yet, we see that this is not a deterrent to the actions of those who would propagate such insanity and perpetuate the greatest error in human history. In fact, there are some who relish the thought of these campaigns and who actively promote the senselessness that accompanies them. But where, a few weeks ago, as we had just acknowledged one peaceful warrior, and this last week, where we recognized the heritages of our forefathers, we would like now to take note of a recent news item which covered certain particular actions by certain military men upon what appear to be the inert corpses of their enemy combatants. It seems that the press, the [...]

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