In Tribute – Eleven Nine Elevens

Today we commemorate the Eleventh Nine Eleven, and in so doing, we deem it appropriate and would like to share the following here as a tribute to that event and to those who left this plane, as well as those who remained here to bear witness to these departures. Having partaken briefly in the effort at this hallowed site, and having felt the energy there one day, an essay was prepared describing that experience entitled, "ode to nine eleven." In homage to that sacred site and to the souls who bravely made that event their passage, a few short excerpts from that piece are included here to offer a glimpse of the moment and the aura in describing what it was like to participate in a slice of that historical and spiritual event: "today, i worked as a volunteer at the main crash site – ground zero – in the belly of the beast, at the [...]

2018-10-19T19:02:08-04:00September 11th, 2012|Speaking of Spirit|

Let Us Prey

In dealing lately with nominations, desecrations, legislation and other unworldly events, it is time that we decry the efforts of those who would usurp the spiritual authority of their constituents at the expense of the supposed ideology they espouse. The message conveyed here is that there is no more time or room or space left to prey upon those less aware, that class of our citizenry who are not capable of understanding the political or social or economic processes of society in general, nonetheless employ any ability to stand up to these forces. Instead, they are preyed upon, taken advantage of, taken for granted or just simply ignored as part of the landscape to be drawn upon and from, in advancing personal and other useless causes. Has it not occurred to those who would create such conditions that a higher view or perception is that these large segments of society are one day [...]

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