In My Little Town

One year ago, during these very same late night and pre dawn hours, here in my little town, our little world was uprooted and sidelined by a tumultuous 'natural' event, the likes of which most involved had never experienced before. I endured this passage both patiently and stoically and had a keen understanding of the root causes and the need for such a claimed 'catastrophe' - as it was called by some. I had fortunately been exposed to a similar event some years earlier and had the benefit of that moment to guide me through the process and to shine some light on this very dark and dreary night. In fact, it was not even unexpected or unwarranted from a certain perspective, as i had learned many years before, from a somewhat unorthodox source that "....if you did not have storms, you would all go insane."  So with this in [...]

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As Within So Without

As Within, So Without the outer condition is nothing more than a reflection of the inner state of being.  where there is harmony and unity within, there is peacefulness and tranquility without. where there is health and vitality of the physical unit, it is because the inner being is settled and therefore the two are in alignment.   the physical, outward appearance and even especially the events effecting one's existence are no more than expressions of their inner reality. as within, so without. where there is clutter and darkness and lack of attentiveness or neglect in the physical environment, it is a clear reflection of the conditions surrounding the unseen, unspoken and sometimes unattended and chaotic inner self, or circumstances, to the degree it exists in either. where there is a fractured state of affairs and obvious pain, there will always be outward expressions of the same. when one cannot carry [...]

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