Moved again in this immediate time of turmoil; of implosions and explosions; of warring factions, ideals and nations, now percolating to a boil, to pronounce and to denounce the weaponry, the purported warriors and the savaging of non combatants. To this end, our mantra remains - Give Peace a Chance…. But not only the laying down of arms, or the goodwill among nations or people. But the peace that is found beneath all of the chaos of the world and of thought. It is the stillness of the soul and of the silence within. It is only to be found in the Spirit of mankind.   Metalergic What voice harkens man to turn metal into murder and to dare to deface this peaceful earth? What movement dare perpetuate this sin on this dire plane and displace all of our right to human mirth?   Where in time will the lesson [...]