Sentenced to Justice

"The Due Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government" So said one of our more awakened Fore Fathers in 1789, in creating the Judiciary branch of our national government.  little would he ever know, or even imagine, that such justice would sometimes be ignored and thus, undermined by our very own system of adjudication. in reading the stories - or more aptly, the histories - of some of the criminal convictions which have recently been overturned, vacated, dismissed, spurned and dismembered by zealous advocates of innocence and true justice, it has been appalling to learn some of the facts. individuals are incarcerated for many years, sometimes even decades - and mainly for the unlawful taking of another's life - before someone listens to the advocates of fairness and justice and innocence. it is a travesty for sure that this still happens at this stage of our alleged [...]