The Coronation of The Earth

The Coronation of The Earth Retreating From The Retreat Good Morning….Good Afternoon….Good Evening To all of those in different parts of the planet in different time zones. I want to thank you for attending here today. I will take a moment to acknowledge, in recognition of Ananda, that we begin this first here, with a little bit of a silence. I'm going to start and ask you if you would kindly sit back, close your eyes, if you like. If not, it's fine. And Breathe. Breathe In. Hold the pause for a moment or two. Breathe Out. Hold the pause for a moment or two. Pause on the In-Breath. And the Out-Breath. We have a Candle lit here that you can see. The essence of what we're doing today is bringing in Light. The Candle is the Light. We travel with a Candle, we talk with a [...]

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