In Order To Halt Corona

In Order To Halt Corona ~ Maitri ~ Mankind has been afflicted in the last year or more with a pandemic due to a previously little known virus, politely termed Covid. As we have said before, and repeat here, the planet earth has been given this experience as a Corona–tion to demonstrate to the race that All are Equal, All are One, All emanate from the same Source of consciousness, those creative forces that have originated and sustained this and All Universes, Races, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets and every unit of Energy that has ever been manifested from the formless, into physical, material form, from All That Is. All people All over the world have been somehow affected and or afflicted by the spread of this tiny little unseen, airborne cell which has ostensibly, or allegedly “wreaked havoc” but which, in reality, has essentially delivered a [...]