Biography / History

My name is Joseph, and currently, I come to you here as an advisor, healer, guide and communicator, on matters related to the Spirit world, or in a word, a metaphysician. I travel throughout the U S and abroad now in pursuit of this work and other related interests as a medium and a channel for Speaking, with a concentration in the After Life, Karma & Reincarnation, Transition Awareness & Healing, the studies of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet, and the Evolution of the Collective Human Consciousness.

I also act as a metaphysical event producer/consultant and moderator for activities related to Spirit, when called to do so.  Complimenting this metaphysical work, and as a former practitioner in the law, I counsel and guide creative and other artists in the fields of music, literary works, film, productions and related media – instilling and awakening a spiritual awareness of creative intelligence and higher consciousness in the Arts, as well.

My Journey in this realm took hold just before the dawn of this millenium following the passing of an older sibling from a terminal condition at a seemingly early age. It was then that I began to feel and to become familiar with the awareness of this energy that had just made its transition, yet was still evident to me in this dimension.

Eventually, this energy essence – and others similarly situated – was revealed to me in the sleep state and then subsequently in the waking hours, and it then became obvious that I had pierced the veil and was able to both receive and communicate accordingly.

While this was by no means an easy or a fluid process, or decision, I followed this path and ultimately set in motion a plan to pursue this experience further, to learn more about it all and to share the knowledge gleaned from it as a teacher, healer, advisor and guide to those I encountered who were asking for it.

I also made a conscious decision at that time to include this energy in my other, professional work in the law, as well. This, then, took a commitment, and thus began a transition in order to answer this call and to provide service in this capacity, wherever the opportunity arose and as the moment presented itself, by offering counseling, guidance, writing, and channeling assistance to those in need in matters of Metaphysics and of the Spirit.


For the Metaphysical Mind

Recommended Reading

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An American Prophet

by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick

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An Extraordinary Message
of Life After Death

by Helen Greaves

Pyramid Illustration

My experience then culminated and resulted in that service, which now extends to individualized “Sessions for the Spirit” in Transition Healing & Awareness, Intuitive Metaphysical Guidance & Mediumship, Live Speaking Engagements, Radio & Internet Guest Speaking.

I embrace the Spiritualaw now as it is both familiar to me and akin to my true nature. I have been given the gifts of perception, mediumship, intuition and healing at this time in this incarnation as described here, and I have been asked and have agreed to share my knowledge and my experiences with those so inclined to receive.

I have been guided to deliver what I have learned and experienced through this and other formats in order to assist with our ongoing development at this crucial time in our human history. In this manner, we take an Holistic approach to this effort here, looking to the entire being, on many levels, in attempting to understand the true intention of the Seeker and the course or guidance most relevant to its highest development and path.

Through my studies, readings and other similar steps along this path, I have counseled and guided many through those somewhat dark and difficult hours following the departure of a loved one from the physical plane to the Otherside. I have likewise provided intuitive insight to those with questions concerning what is it like in the AfterLife.

This Journey has also provided me with keen insight and awareness of the environments of the AfterLife and the sleep state, and through thousands of documented visitations there, I have come to know that those since departed have merely experienced a translation of life into another form or, life separated by density only.

It is for those visiting here to understand then that the Spirit survives the passing or, the release from the physical, and that it can neither be extinguished nor eradicated. I attest to this from personal knowledge and communications, and bring to you here years of experience through the auspices of the Spiritualaw in advising, directing and aiding those who would so inquire and explore.

And now, through the method of this vehicle, and in the current phase of this incarnation, I bring to you the light of this Spiritualaw and offer a means to teach, to treat and to heal from a Metaphysical perspective in this vast context of written and visual electronic communications here.