As Within So Without

As Within, So Without

the outer condition is nothing more than a reflection of the inner state of being.  where there is harmony and unity within, there is peacefulness and tranquility without. where there is health and vitality of the physical unit, it is because the inner being is settled and therefore the two are in alignment.   the physical, outward appearance and even especially the events effecting one’s existence are no more than expressions of their inner reality.

as within, so without.

where there is clutter and darkness and lack of attentiveness or neglect in the physical environment, it is a clear reflection of the conditions surrounding the unseen, unspoken and sometimes unattended and chaotic inner self, or circumstances, to the degree it exists in either.

where there is a fractured state of affairs and obvious pain, there will always be outward expressions of the same. when one cannot carry any more, the mechanisms to carry physically will be affected and when one cannot stand it any longer, the capability of standing physically will be struck as well. these are metaphors or symbols of the inner state and expressions of the desire to demonstrate the same in ways that can be understood and sympathized with. one correllates to the other. and they occur when words no longer have any meaning or effect, for words are always countered with more words, but physical expressions of non physical conditions require and ask for physical actions in response. this is the inner being crying out, or crying out loud to be heard, and nothing more where nothing else seems to have any effect.

as within, so without.

where one suffers physical ailments or frailty or weakness it is due to the unresolved status and confusion of their mind and energies. and this can symbolize the weakness of spirit or of heart. there are no accidents per se, as everything happens by design at some level or another. and frantic or frenetic activity is not an expression of control or even physical capability – it is more of a frank and stark statement of escape and distraction. strength manifested in power, inner control and contentment are the opposite. seeking to avoid and stepping over or around obstacles, poking around in the dark in the face of knowledge and awareness is stumbling, and is not resolution or understanding and can lead to injury of both the inner and outer being.

so the wounds of the flesh are no more than the pains of the spirit. that is the way of the universe. and the wounded are those who are experiencing growing pains, for what the mind cannot process, the body always must. and in this growth, there comes change, and yet when the change does not occur, the inner and outer being are then in conflict and more pain must occur to force more growth and to achieve changes. or else the cycle will repeat until it is completed.

yet, always remember – No one Ever gets anything they deserve or do not deserve, but Everyone Always gets Only exactly what they need.

that is truth manifested in reality, for deserving implies judgment and in the Universal fields, there is no such thing as Judgment – there is only growth and expansion – and we are only given what we Need to accomplish these.   that is Spiritual Law.

so therefore…..

As Within, So Without


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