hay una especie de silencio…
(“there’s a kind of hush…”)

Revisando nuestra Publicación de 22 Marzo 2020 Al Inicio de las Cuarentenas Como Traducido Aquí Para Nuestros Amigos de Habla Hispana *** Revisiting our Posting of 22 March 2020 At the Start of the Quarantines As Translated Here for Our Spanish Speaking Friends ******************************* hay una especie de silencioooo… lo oyes puedes oirlo lo estas escuchando está hablando en tonos silenciosos los que solo se pueden escuchar con la más profunda atención de reflexion e introspección como esa pequeña voz tranquila dentro de lo dudado y sobre todo ignorado estás escuchando las fuerzas universales están enviando un util mensaje un recordatorio que no debe tomarse a la ligera un mensaje divino de intervención y solo ahora con esta clase de silencio, por todas partes... puede ser quizá escuchado nos han recordado seriamente se nos ha mostrado con rigor hemos sido meticulosamente advertidos e incluso hemos sido severamente amenazados sin embargo [...]

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To everything there is a Season And a time to every purpose under Heaven Six months ago today at the moment of the turning over of an earlier Season, we expressed here in verse a discourse for the impending pandemic. And now today we articulate the same but in voice, out into the Ethers for those in need of a reminder. Click Play to listen to “there’s a kind of hush….” (Headphones Are Recommended) ****************************** (Headphones Are Recommended) ****************************** For this is the moment of the Autumnal Equinox In the Northern Hemisphere And a time where things turn turn and turn… It is a time for the Harvesting of what has transpired this year A time for the reaping of what has been sown Whether roses or thorns or flowers It is a time [...]

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The Coronation of The Earth

The Coronation of The Earth Retreating From The Retreat Good Morning….Good Afternoon….Good Evening To all of those in different parts of the planet in different time zones. I want to thank you for attending here today. I will take a moment to acknowledge, in recognition of Ananda, that we begin this first here, with a little bit of a silence. I'm going to start and ask you if you would kindly sit back, close your eyes, if you like. If not, it's fine. And Breathe. Breathe In. Hold the pause for a moment or two. Breathe Out. Hold the pause for a moment or two. Pause on the In-Breath. And the Out-Breath. We have a Candle lit here that you can see. The essence of what we're doing today is bringing in Light. The Candle is the Light. We travel with a Candle, we talk with a [...]

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Unity | The Breath of Life

"When you believe in things that you don't understand then you suffer…. superstition ain’t the way" Notwithstanding, there are still those today who care to place blame, to cast aspersions, to investigate, to instigate, antagonize, even terrorize, and cause yet even more chaos and disruption. And in so doing, unknowingly or recklessly, are only perpetuating the flow and the life and the intensity of this contagion. And thus, the suffering and the pain of countless others. Imagine that the activities of the months and years leading up to this impactful motion around the globe to some still has not been correlated to the manifestation of this force. Can you stretch your thought processes to connect the dots and draw more sound and appropriate conclusions here? Look closer and observe that dissonance, criticism, petty bickering and gross distortions of singular belief systems in the face of this severe human trauma still [...]

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The Train of Peace

We are no fools today. We are the wise and the knowing. It is a time of reckoning now and much has to be discharged, purged and cleansed from this sphere. The scales have to be balanced. There are those who see this viral movement as an adversary, an enemy, to be defeated. We know better that this is a force long overdue, here to set the record straight and settle the karma of the planet and mankind. For now. Many will be harvested and returned to the formless. More will be herded for higher purposes. All of them will be heralded. It is all by design, nonetheless. Nothing here is random, inadvertent, accidental, unforeseen or surprising. The earth is teetering and wobbling on its axis at this time. Like a top, spinning out of hand. We are on the brink of a planetary shift, as the cycle of our [...]

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there’s a kind of hush…..

there is a kind of hushhhh… do you hear it can you hear it are you even listening it is speaking in silent tones those that can only be heard with the deepest of attention and reflection and introspection like that small still voice within the one doubted and mostly ignored are you listening the universal forces are sending a message purposeful a reminder not to be taken lightly a divine message of intervention and only now with this kind of hush, all over…. can it possibly be heard we have been sternly reminded we have been forcefully shown we have been meticulously warned and we have even been severely threatened yet we have not heard yet so now there is a kind of hush, all over…. perhaps we will listen now there was fear within because politicians played at political warfare terrorists terrorized imperialists colonized savages enslaved religions sought [...]

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I am a Teacher of Metaphysics…

Excerpted in part from a Chapter in the soon to be published personal memoir, Volume II, entitled:  "Once Upon A.....Life Time" I Am a Teacher of Metaphysics I am a teacher of metaphysics. I am not a guru or a spiritual leader. I am not a religious fanatic or a missionary. I teach the art of metaphysics: That which is above the physical. I teach through words and gestures and with examples, and I reach my students and others by the use of energy; mental or psychic energies of a kind most humans do not yet know exist. A kind in which seldom few even believe applies. But in my heart of hearts, in this human form of mine here, I do know whereof I speak. Metaphysics and human beings, creature-hood, that is, are diametrically opposed. One repels the other. It is in a contrary state of being that these two exist. [...]

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Creative Intelligence

As we now enter into a new portal at the moment of this Solstice today and the Season to come, it is with reflection and sustained guidance that we offer the following as an example of the divine at work through the genius, the mind and the spirit of the messenger, the vehicle, the conduit of the most highest creative intelligence. When we understand the mechanics and the method of the reception of these gems, given as gifts to the manifested world, it is then unnecessary to seek credit or accolades, but rather to give thanks for the privilege and the honor to have the opportunity to serve as such. And in so doing, we naturally dispel the myths of fame and fortune and look to a higher order for the ultimate recognition and rewards. So then, let us reflect upon this during this moment of the dawning of this [...]

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Sentenced to Justice

"The Due Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government" So said one of our more awakened Fore Fathers in 1789, in creating the Judiciary branch of our national government.  little would he ever know, or even imagine, that such justice would sometimes be ignored and thus, undermined by our very own system of adjudication. in reading the stories - or more aptly, the histories - of some of the criminal convictions which have recently been overturned, vacated, dismissed, spurned and dismembered by zealous advocates of innocence and true justice, it has been appalling to learn some of the facts. individuals are incarcerated for many years, sometimes even decades - and mainly for the unlawful taking of another's life - before someone listens to the advocates of fairness and justice and innocence. it is a travesty for sure that this still happens at this stage of our alleged [...]

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Moved again in this immediate time of turmoil; of implosions and explosions; of warring factions, ideals and nations, now percolating to a boil, to pronounce and to denounce the weaponry, the purported warriors and the savaging of non combatants. To this end, our mantra remains - Give Peace a Chance…. But not only the laying down of arms, or the goodwill among nations or people. But the peace that is found beneath all of the chaos of the world and of thought. It is the stillness of the soul and of the silence within. It is only to be found in the Spirit of mankind.   Metalergic What voice harkens man to turn metal into murder and to dare to deface this peaceful earth? What movement dare perpetuate this sin on this dire plane and displace all of our right to human mirth?   Where in time will the lesson [...]

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