Today, we focus briefly on the current state of our world affairs.
It is most disconcerting to hear and to see news all over the world of social unrest, political upheaval and oppression on a regular basis lately.
We ask, ‘Why are there individuals and movements which do not seem to comprehend the broader picture, which cannot apparently understand the ramifications of their actions.’
It is wholly unacceptable in this time period and at this stage in the recent happenings in and about the earth plane to have these forces causing such a disruption of the patterns and energies within and surrounding the planet. Yet, on the other hand, it is, ostensibly, quite necessary in order to purge from our sphere the old, ingrained methods, processes, institutions and beliefs which have stagnated our growth and have rendered us paralyzed, virtually, in the evolution of our consciousness.
As it has been so aptly said, most of our problems come from spiritual ignorance. And the root of this is fear; it is fear of others, fear of the unknown and the inability to accept that which is unlike or foreign to one’s own apprehensions or understandings.
Such is the antithesis of faith, and represents the universal dilemma of mankind since its arrival in the physical form.
Let us move beyond these limitations and, without haste, usher in a new era and a greater purpose based on higher principles and a deeper sensitivity towards the whole of man, as opposed to the individual gains of a few only.