Excerpted in part from a Chapter in the soon to be published personal memoir, Volume II, entitled:  “Once Upon A…..Life Time”

I Am a Teacher of Metaphysics

I am a teacher of metaphysics. I am not a guru or a spiritual leader. I am not a religious fanatic or a missionary. I teach the art of metaphysics: That which is above the physical.
I teach through words and gestures and with examples, and I reach my students and others by the use of energy; mental or psychic energies of a kind most humans do not yet know exist. A kind in which seldom few even believe applies. But in my heart of hearts, in this human form of mine here, I do know whereof I speak. Metaphysics and human beings, creature-hood, that is, are diametrically opposed. One repels the other. It is in a contrary state of being that these two exist. Or coexist. But still, it is far less accepted that what I teach merits learning. Yet in the deepest of all human reality, there lies metaphysics, the basis of the creation of the physical plane, itself, and the cooperative coexistence that sustains it all.
On the earth plane, we dabble in ego and the material and we talk ourselves to death with endless, redundant analysis. We evaluate until we run out of variables and then cry out that certain conclusions cannot be reached for a lack of available or viable data. And we die a very egotistic death here because we never completely stop to listen to the sounds of metaphysics. And in teaching, as I do, I learn an even greater human lesson, too, as I understand more and more deeply how it is to exist in the human form. And in so doing, I learn more and more, also, of how to combine or to integrate the three essential elements of human being. Or, of being human.
I explore the spirit, the mind and the body for the ultimate connection or connector of the three, in order to reach assimilation and acceptance of the metaphysical range.
My classroom is life – the human experience – and my classes are in encounters with people and all things eternal. I hold truths dear to these students and I share what I have experienced and what I know. I shine a light of inquisitiveness and insight and maybe even enlightenment.
One thing I teach is that your intentions are really all that count. What occurs is more a result of many variables involving many souls. But your intentions are not as vague or unpredictable. You get credit for your intentions and your willingness to sustain and honor them. You are recognized at a higher level by what you think, believe and intend.
What you mean is what governs your ultimate direction. And what you did not mean is equally important, deep inside, on a level that others ordinarily do not get to see. What you know within all of that is constant, and represents the driving force behind your actions and your omissions.
This is where truth and respect and sincere motives enjoin to form the pattern of energy that infects and affects your material world. This is the psyche at work – mass and individual – in an effort to construct a physical manifestation in response to a psychological condition or encounter. This is where dimensions intersect on a momentary, continuous basis, pulsating material life into this plane from a vast universe.
This is where light and love illuminate the way and enable a sure and smooth path to an ultimate resolution. One way or another.

c 2004 TheSpiritualaw