In Order To Halt Corona

~ Maitri ~

Mankind has been afflicted in the last year or more with a pandemic due to a previously little known virus, politely termed Covid.

As we have said before, and repeat here, the planet earth has been given this experience as a
to demonstrate to the race that All are Equal, All are One, All emanate from the same Source of consciousness, those creative forces that have originated and sustained this and All Universes, Races, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets and every unit of Energy that has ever been manifested from the formless, into physical, material form, from All That Is.

All people All over the world have been somehow affected and or afflicted by the spread of this tiny little unseen, airborne cell which has ostensibly, or allegedly “wreaked havoc” but which, in reality, has essentially delivered a profound message of Equality, Unity, Brotherhood, Commonality, Compassion and an Appreciation for those Freedoms and Liberties that had been so flagrantly taken for granted by the masses.

Once removed, it is a stark reminder, is it not, how valuable such simple things can be in the Human experience?

Now, a year or so later, as this second phase or wave of this reminder is waning, those who purport to be in authority have devised a clever Human plan to calm the masses with yet another subterfuge of a kind.

Those very actors who have precipitated this event to a degree and have unknowingly perpetuated its course by their own dissension and more.

They have claimed that in their austere knowing, a vaccination is now in order to halt the influences of a viral condition that has basically morphed and mutated and changed and evaded elimination, classification, detection and capture.

They have all kinds of charts and tables and statistics to tell us how we are supposed to, or are expected to become “infected”, or ill, or then perhaps even pass over from this syndrome.

But we have not seen the road map for how to Live through this condition, except for restrictions, mandates, commands, fear based suppositions, and the like.

Our inquiry is how one asserts that a vaccine can be utilized to counter the effects of a pandemic, which by definition and its very nature is temporal, and comes and goes, like the Wind?

And in the Wind.

The Wind, too, is invisible, yet it is felt and known, and has inherent consequences at times, depending upon its force and direction, which can be adverse to the planetary configurations of nature, or to Humanity.

We never seem to attempt to put a stop to it?
We have never heard of a vaccination for the Wind, for example.

Why then should a viral condition that has an even more important yet benevolent message and effect, be counter-acted and “treated” with a destructive force, injected into a Human body, to purportedly effect a preventative reaction?

And isn’t it too little, too late for that kind of response?

How can one chase a moving target that is camouflaged, that evades and transforms, hides and retreats and then returns, and is unseen and is then, again, somewhat undefined?

It seems a bit arrogant in a way to ignore the higher purpose behind any natural condition, catastrophe, disaster, epidemic, pandemic or other complex of circumstances that Mankind has not only created, itself, but has repeatedly misunderstood and misconstrued.

And then, only to conjure up prognostications and theories that have no relevance at all to the intention behind the moment – or movement.

Furthermore, why is it that the very entities who “developed” this ingredient have not offered it free of charge to the “governments” and thus, to the people?

Have they not made vast enough fortunes within the history of their “businesses” such that they can now move altruistically through this process and not burden the public trust with this expense?

Why have they not absorbed the costs and provided this as a non profit offering if they sincerely have an interest in putting an end to this condition and assisting Mankind?

Until or unless they have done that, the entire process, in our view, is rendered suspect, and cannot be fully trusted.
For it is in their profiteering that they have obfuscated the true intention behind their purported actions.
Especially in these times of dire economic frailty and uncertainty.

Or is it purely ignorance, disillusionment, delusion, denial, or some other nefarious behavior couched in “leadership” yet without any real knowing of the supreme forces of creative intelligence or guardianship, stewardship, guidance or the karmic ramifications here for the race or the planet?

When will this lesson be learned?

When will it be possible for us to stand under the
Waterfall of Maitri
and just practice Kindness for a change?

Our more relevant question, though, is how Humanity can vaccinate against division, separateness, materialism, imperialism, colonialism, communism, control, oppression, domination, deception, monetization, profit, pollution, inequality, injustice, degradation, deforestation, greed, prejudice, promiscuity, profanity, selfishness, blame, vulgarity, unkindness, incivility, hatred, malice, terror, fear, weaponry, war, and the like?

What is the protocol for that?

Is it not yet apparent that the first cause here are these very In-Humane attributes the race has so readily adopted and embraced and has virtually taken as tolerable, if not normal?

In our view, these are the root causes of all of the problems we now know and experience in this earth plane.
Including this pandemic.

Energy is Energy.
And everything is Energy of one frequency of vibration or another.

Magnetization is the Law.
What you concentrate on is what you get.
Individually and en masse.

When all of this barbarity ceases, the infection will subside.
It is relatively simple, but has been made so complicated.

All that is necessary is Cooperation.
For Cooperation instills Harmony.
Harmony creates Peace.
The Vibration of Peace is of the same Frequency as the Cosmos.
The Universal Order has no disease, no imbalance, no infirmities, and no dissonance.

It reminds one of a musical composition that was given some fifty years ago now, in that magical time of counter culture and freedom, and which still resonates as if it was released today – or should be !

It was first delivered as a commercial piece, and then shortly, its higher purpose became discovered.

As such, its import and impact demanded that it be offered to all Seekers in Song.
And so it was.

With the Prerogative of Peace in mind, just consider the melody and the lyric that permeated then – and until now even – the message being:

“I’d like to teach the world to sing / In perfect harmony”

This is not hard to understand.
It is just so difficult for the Collective Consciousness to accept and implement.
It merely requires the relinquishing of the Ego Mind.
And All that goes with it.

And without belaboring the point here, we ask again that Man connects the dots, please, and understands that no vaccine, no governmental edicts, no proclamations of statistics or other incendiary attempts to attribute fault or mishandling of something so obviously unmanageable and rare, in Human terms, as we know them, could stave off the effects of the natural progression of learning, advancement, progress or the growth of a race.

However, we do propose the following in order to
Halt The Spread Of Corona.

And that is to
Immediately Stop All of the…






…Of One Another !


© 2021 TheSpirituaLaw