Speaking of Spirit

Peripheral Vision


From time to time we select a subject, an event, a news article or other significant topic of current interest and we treat it here from a Metaphysical perspective. We call this Speaking of Spirit, as we use our Peripheral Vision in shedding some new light and in expanding our outlook on a unique, a tragic, or perhaps even a mundane reality or circumstance which attracts our attention and which can provide a valuable lesson or insight.

This is our personal and Spiritual Exercise for the moment, flexing our metaphysical muscle and accelerating our energetic metabolism. In maintaining this routine, we activate our minds, provide spiritual clarity and thus cleanse our etheric bodies of that which confounds, troubles or confuses us and perplexes our world. We eliminate those unnecessary and unwanted elements which block our energies, interfere with our thinking processes and obstruct our paths.

Creative Intelligence

December 21st, 2017|

As we now enter into a new portal at the moment of this Solstice today and the Season to come, it is with reflection and sustained guidance that we offer the following as an example of the divine at work through the genius, the mind and the spirit of the [...]

Sentenced to Justice

May 6th, 2016|

"The Due Administration Of Justice Is The Firmest Pillar Of Good Government" So said one of our more awakened Fore Fathers in 1789, in creating the Judiciary branch of our national government.  little would he ever know, or even imagine, that such justice would sometimes be ignored and thus, undermined [...]


November 25th, 2015|

Moved again in this immediate time of turmoil; of implosions and explosions; of warring factions, ideals and nations, now percolating to a boil, to pronounce and to denounce the weaponry, the purported warriors and the savaging of non combatants. To this end, our mantra remains - Give Peace a Chance…. [...]

Nuclear Haste

September 29th, 2015|

As our whole civilization teeters on the brink of collapse, we are otherwise indulging in a current political debate and a vote no less about the efficacy and potential of nuclear proliferation.  In the midst of poverty, wars, discrimination and social injustices, the likes of which have never been seen [...]

In My Little Town

October 30th, 2013|

One year ago, during these very same late night and pre dawn hours, here in my little town, our little world was uprooted and sidelined by a tumultuous 'natural' event, the likes of which most involved had never experienced before. I endured this passage both patiently and stoically and had [...]

As Within So Without

October 23rd, 2013|

As Within, So Without the outer condition is nothing more than a reflection of the inner state of being.  where there is harmony and unity within, there is peacefulness and tranquility without. where there is health and vitality of the physical unit, it is because the inner being is settled [...]

The Nerve of Them All

September 2nd, 2013|

In recent days, the world has been transfixed upon the horror of a crime against humanity as it has been described by our government and the media. The press is clamoring for more details, sordid stories and catchy anecdotes to report in search of attention and sensationalism. People are expressing [...]

In Commemorating…

June 30th, 2013|

On this last day of this sixth month, we follow the pattern once again as given and commemorate the initial opening of this expression. In the period since the inception of this effort, much has been learned, shared and experienced. And in recognition of this, as we now embark upon [...]

The Summer Solstice

June 21st, 2013|

After a brief respite, while the seasons adjusted - from Solstice to Solstice - it is now time to resume this dialogue and present a renewed perspective here again. As the Sun now rises to its highest point above the equator, providing the most sunlight of any day of the [...]


December 21st, 2012|

There is a lot of talk and even misconception which abounds to the effect that today is somehow the 'end of the world' - which we all know is silly, if not downright uninformed. But in lieu of the volumes of words we could offer here regarding this momentous event [...]

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