There is a popular lyric from the early eighties which says that nothing changes new year’s day. Under everyday ordinary circumstances that may be so. And the meaning of this line may be very much intended to portray a situation where the status quo is maintained, and that even though war, or at least the imposition of martial law may have been imminent in this instance, nothing changed. Yet, the brilliance of this lyric is the irony it presents and the use of such a phrase in the face of oppression and dominance of one nation by another that was merely struggling just to be free and independent.
Today, however, some thirty years after the pronouncement of this idea, might we suggest that everything changes on this particular new year’s day? For instance, we can start by changing the social, the political, the financial and the cultural order of our institutions and systems. We can change the course of human history finally by eliminating these wars and racism and proprietary greed.                                                                                                       We can once again inject literature, music and art into our culture and our educational systems as we have never incorporated them before. We might also consider, in this vein, a greater understanding and of the metaphysical, the spiritual, the non denominational, and the reality of our multidimensional existences, instead of the obsessive concentration on and preoccupation with our technological implementations and advancements.
In an ideal world, there would be only a mutual coexistence which respects the environment and the interests of others as if they were one’s own. Why then can we not begin that process now while we have the awareness and the insight and the opportunity to be the example and to show what is necessary to accomplish this?
Perhaps we can begin here by examining the party system in our political arena as it is timely in this week to come. We are mainly subjected to a two party system, when in fact, we should have no parties whatsoever. Instead, individuals should earn their elected positions by proposing platforms which do not conform to a group mentality or special or other interests, but rather which espouse their own individual ideas and intentions.     These proposals or agendas should be written and formalized for the electorate to review and to scrutinize. Instead of televised entertainment like debates, candidates should meet personally with groups of seasoned voters in all localities who would examine their views in a public forum and who would propound questions and scenarios for the candidate to respond to spontaneously. The current routine is too staged and artificial and does not adequately reflect the needs or the voice of the people of this democratic republic of ours and is not really a debate at all, but more accurately, we would classify such as an audition, and not indicative of the capabilities of and elected official, especially in such trying times as today.                                                                                                                                                   For candidates are and have always been, it seems, beholden to party ideals and the hierarchy which implants them in our psyche. And when one arrives on the scene who has the temerity to attempt individualism or non conformity, the media operatives crank up the machine and vilify, decimate and undermine their core messages. In this process, they cable news us into a cycle of nauseating oblivion and rhetorical repetition which turns the entire methodology of an election into a side show and an embarrassment.                        Where then, is the dignity of human expression and the true representation of a populace in this time and age when we need it most?                                                                                    Turning now to the present moment again, what is it we would like to change today if we had the opportunity? It is easy and it sounds fashionable to just say we would like to have world peace, but we must understand that until the vibrations of those holding onto our governments and institutions change, or are replaced, we will be hard pressed to make any significant progress along these lines. We can, however, and must, in fact, concentrate on our own individual processes of empowerment and enlightenment. It is essential that on an individual basis, we all seek to elevate, to grow and to mature in preparation for a time when we, or our offspring, are eventually coordinating the operations and the direction of the social, cultural and other important matters which we abide by and adhere to in a civilized state every day. In this manner, we will then be capable of making the changes necessary for a more stable economy, and for educational and other necessary programs.  Otherwise, we will be left again to the devices of those who do not understand a greater awareness and the need to rise above personal gain and self aggrandizement.                         We would suggest then, that we begin with our progeny if we, ourselves, on this new year’s day care to change all we can in the upcoming year.  It is not about proselytizing or pontificating, but more effectively, about learning, studying, looking within, meditating and communicating with our inner being and inner realities for a start, as we can then become genuine examples to our youth and to those we would desire to hold in contrast to our ideals and higher aspirations.                                                                                                            So as we contemplate war, again, evade war lately and withdraw from war just recently, it is a time to reflect and to understand that war is based only on power, fear and hatred and the unsettling notion that one people can or should engage in the destruction of another, or defend against the cause of the same. It is, and always has been a barbaric concept and human trait that allows such punishing forces to be unleashed within and upon mankind. And it is not becoming of a self proclaimed civilized twenty first century society to proliferate such destruction, death and degradation, such waste of resources and diversion of creative energy in such non productive and irreversible action. 

 Nothing changes new year’s day unless we take the initiative to effect a change within!