There is a large display advertisement in a major daily newspaper this week which was placed by a local cemetery. Odd at first that such a facility would even be advertising, one would think. More unusual however is the format of the ad itself. It is a full page, with bold copy, in italics, color photo graphics and a coupon for use in requesting a Free packet of information. The message, or pitch, was even more bizarre. This organization is offering its “exceptional services,” in a religious context, and touting itself as the one to select, to aspire to, above the others.

More relevant though is that the written message states that – while the time of our passing from this life to the next is not our choice, that our final resting place should be.

Confused is a mild statement of reaction here. Disconcerting is a clearer response. In this time or age which we have now reached just recently, it has become apparent that this approach to the passing is no longer viable, nor widely accepted anymore among those who look to a broader or a more awakened understanding of our place in the multi dimensional or eternal scheme of the universe.

While we honor the beliefs and the perspective of all others, we would still pause merely to question the notion that there is no choice as to the time of our passing – from this life to the next, as claimed in this ad. In fact, there is nothing but choice involved there, and the timing is all in perfection, irrespective of the outward appearances. For the soul entity, the higher self, in fact, most certainly decides when it is the time to depart, to shed that vehicle and return to spirit, and thus guides the personality then residing in that body in doing so. There is no ambiguity then, and no other force or influence has made or could make that decision – or choice. It is purely personal and in keeping with the soul’s higher purpose.

So to state that the final resting place for the now released physical vessel is the only matter of choice here, and thereby imply that the moment, and thus the means of this release is not, is inconsistent with current progressive thought and understanding, and paid advertisements espousing this theory are viewed lately as inapplicable and perhaps even outmoded.

It is also quite interesting to note that such facilities are now selling resting places, and are doing so by utilizing the subtle notion that our time of passing is random, not otherwise ordained and purely out of our control.  It is suggested here that we should therefore exercise control of some kind, relative to this process, and choose a final resting place instead, while we still have time.

Is this a form of sublime exploitation of the psyche where one element of management of such a process is colored in these dire terms – that no choice exists – while the other purports to wash away these fears and clouds and provide comfort by virtue of some other defined choice?  Is it the intention here to offer some relief on the one hand, while still alive, where the sudden, unexpected departure from one’s physical life is perceived as beyond one’s control; and yet also state that the opportunity for choice in selecting a resting place for that physical form is the only choice yet at hand?

This seems disingenuous at best and patronizing, as well, since neither isactually beyond the control of the individual.  There is a grand design in each and every passing and the element of free will – the choice – is manifest in every such design.

But the selling of choices that already exist and the idea that they do not, are not only inconsistent but contrary to the reality as we have come to know it lately. Let us understand here that there is a choice as to the time of passing and there is a design which is conceived by the individual while in being. And that each singular pattern of separate and individual energies carries with it a karmic implication which was introduced by consent at another level – regardless of whether it be by ‘natural’ causes, an ‘accident,’ a seemingly unusual ‘disaster’ or just some unforeseen and unpredictable event. But none of these are invountarily visited upon us, not even dis-ease, or its counterpart, a similar physical impairment, not to mention, the passing.

And let us conclude here by validating that, yes, our final resting place has already been chosen in advance as well. For it is the astral mid-plane, the otherside, that space from which we have emanated before coming into the physical form, before the incarnation from spirit into the flesh, in each and every cycle of earth-bound existence.

That is our final resting place – but only final until we return here and then begin anew.

And this is the design, as it exists eternally.

The choice then, has already been exercised, and there is no finality involved.