As our whole civilization teeters on the brink of collapse, we are otherwise indulging in a current political debate and a vote no less about the efficacy and potential of nuclear proliferation.  In the midst of poverty, wars, discrimination and social injustices, the likes of which have never been seen before, our so called ‘leaders’ are dallying over who can prevent whom from decimating our race.

This is a worldwide phenomenon and is not merely contained within or limited to our borders. It is endemic to society. Meanwhile acts of religious fanaticism cloaked in purity and worship pervade our world under the nomenclature of ‘terrorism’.

How bizarre, how sad.

We read our history as if it pertained to another planet or race or culture and learn very little about what its lessons had meant. This is because the traditional rules and mores and standards behind our understanding of reality are flawed. Our ‘leaders’ still believe in ideals which are outdated, inapplicable and even in some cases primitive. Hence, the populace follows in line because they either know no better, are conditioned to do so, or simply just don’t have the desire to look deeper. It is all a case of spiritual malaise.

In fact, those in authority are so entrenched in their comfortable positions and roles, that they would not and do not want to have their constituents awakened or enlightened for this would threaten and undermine and upset the order of things, and invade their ego minds. As a result, they foster and perpetuate ignorance and obedience instead, using the ultimate weapon of mass destruction: fear.

And now, today, we have a deadline, not a red line, in which to ‘sell’ a pre packaged and non negotiable agreement to our legislators which is designed to stop another government from developing nuclear weapons capability – under the threat of war – if it is not approved and accepted.

How bizarre, how sad.

Has it ever dawned on anyone that this haste, this nuclear haste to indulge in such insanity is arcane and inappropriate? Has it not occurred to these so called politicians and religious leaders that this is all madness? Do they not yet comprehend that such actions, reactions and ultimatums are the product of centuries of errors and misunderstandings of the higher order of things? Can they not see how backwards and how counter productive their feeble arguments really are?

Let us put this in perspective here. How can a purported republic in the guise of a democracy and an alleged dictatorship spewing a religious theocracy nobly and naively stand there and discuss the prospects of incinerating an entire race of human beings, potentially, and look themselves in the eye or go to sleep at night without understanding how little progress they have made as people and as ‘leaders’?

Isn’t it clear to them that any discussion of this kind is unseemly, unproductive, a poor example to the masses, immature and even uncivilized? Can they not see that it is completely irrelevant as to who has or should have any intention to utilize the gift of nuclear fission for anything other than beneficial social purposes?

Do they really not know that we are approaching or have reached a point in the evolution of human consciousness where such thinking is no longer acceptable, where threats of this kind are criminal and where war is an alternative long relegated to the annals of a disastrous history? What will it take to educate mankind spiritually that there is no haste to complete nuclear compacts, there is no need to settle these disputes, there is no calling to even think along these lines anymore?

What will it take?

Instead, why would they not be concentrating on educating the masses as to the higher realms and dimensions of the non physical, spirit worlds, to the reality that we are just spirits in this material world and that the universal and spiritual laws of karma apply, inescapably, and without exception to individuals and to societies and nations as well? That our purpose here is to coexist in peace and to tolerate, accept and just be kind to one another?

Instead, why are they posturing and prevaricating, still, and threatening one another with sublime and ridiculous rhetoric which is foolish and potentially destructive?

What will it take?

We ask that all who hear these words share a moment in silence, in serenity, to ask those in the spirit world to continue the work of showing the signs, providing the energies, allowing the movements and the patterns of peace and tranquility to pervade the earth plane and avert nuclear proliferation and the insane need to regulate our thirst and desire to annihilate one another through written agreements, rules, provisions, treaties or whatever terminology or form is applied to these covenants which are designed to avoid war.

Such actions should not be a part of our natural conduct and behavior, nor should they be a necessity. Rather, we are supposed to be way beyond this, and yet we are not, for we still have to monitor each other like children in a school yard who do not yet understand the dangers of wandering off into the streets unattended and unguided.

How bizarre, how sad, yet how true.