To everything there is a Season
And a time to every purpose under Heaven

Six months ago today
at the moment of the turning over
of an earlier Season,
we expressed here in verse
a discourse for the impending pandemic.

And now today
we articulate the same
but in voice,
out into the Ethers
for those in need of a reminder.

Click Play to listen to
there’s a kind of hush….”

For this is the moment of the Autumnal Equinox
In the Northern Hemisphere
And a time where things turn turn and turn…

It is a time for the Harvesting of what has transpired this year
A time for the reaping of what has been sown
Whether roses or thorns or flowers

It is a time for the balancing of light and dark
Inner and outer
When Mother Nature prepares for sleep
And where inaction abounds
A time for the releasing of attachments

And a time to express gratitude
And to start anew…


© 2020