The Coronation of The Earth

Retreating From The Retreat

Good Morning….Good Afternoon….Good Evening

To all of those in different parts of the planet in different time zones.

I want to thank you for attending here today.

I will take a moment to acknowledge, in recognition of Ananda, that we begin this first here, with a little bit of a silence.

I’m going to start and ask you if you would kindly sit back, close your eyes, if you like.
If not, it’s fine.

And Breathe.
Breathe In.

Hold the pause for a moment or two.
Breathe Out.

Hold the pause for a moment or two.

Pause on the In-Breath.
And the Out-Breath.

We have a Candle lit here that you can see.
The essence of what we’re doing today is bringing in Light.
The Candle is the Light.
We travel with a Candle, we talk with a Candle.

We’re going to be silent right now for a moment because what we’re going to do is, we’re going to acknowledge those who have been afflicted by this condition; those who have recovered; also those who have relinquished their incarnation in support of the cause of what is being done here.

I say relinquished their incarnation because that is the true nature of human choice.

So, I would ask that for the next moments or so, that everyone sit back quietly and I will return, shortly, and begin to speak at that time.

Breathe, think, honor…

{ Pause }

Although to some it may seem unusual, but the fact is that we have been experiencing a Coronation of the Earth.

A Coronation in the sense that there was a serious complex of global crises and issues, planetary crises, that were occurring at the time.

The whole plane, the physical earth plane, the atmosphere, the astral plane, those incarnate, discarnate.

Those in the animal kingdoms, and of the other kingdoms and higher realms, all have come together at this time.

The reason we have come together at this time, is so that we could eliminate, what is referred to in our human terms as the distinctions or the differences between us all.

As you know from when we began over two months ago, we were talking about the “hush”.

If you recall and I used the term “we” because this is not about I, and this is not about you.
This is about us.

This is about a race on a planet that has gone awry, that needed to be corrected, that needed to be brought back into perspective.

The perspective here is the message of Unity from the Source.

When we say “we”, we say all of us because there is no distinction from where we all emanate.

We emanate from the same essence.

In speaking of this condition that has been called a “virus” – a Corona – and we have distinguished that, when we talked about the “hush” – that this is not a virus.

It may have gone viral, in the contemporary terms that we use, but it is not a virus.

What it is, is a condition that has brought about another step and another phase in the evolution of this planet, and this race.
This planet has been behind in the evolution of those in our solar system, and it was necessary for it to have a jumpstart if you will to facilitate a change.

This passing condition was not the crisis.
It has been labeled a crisis.
The crisis is what was occurring beforehand.

It is unfortunate that many people have not seen that this was what was happening beforehand.

But what we must understand is that before every single cataclysm, there is a warning.
There was a warning here too.
There were many warnings here.

And as you know energy always follows thought.

The thought of those in the race; the thought of those who were around us; the thought of those who were attempting to cover the shadows of the earth with darkness, have been countered now with the Light.

We have Candles burning today and a Candle in the background, for serious significance.

The cleansing of the earth and its atmosphere is what is being done right now with the Light.

We said before, as I told you, that this is a Coronation.

The Coronation is here for the purpose of equalizing.

It is the equalizing factor.
There are many, many issues that need to be resolved, as many of you know.
Those of you who are attuned right now understand basically what is being given to us at this time.

The leaders that we have at this time, unfortunately, many seem to be embedded in the ego world of their ego minds.
They don’t necessarily understand what’s going on right now.
They’re acting out of impulse; they’re trying the best that they can.
But in essence, from our perspective, it is not what is necessary at this time.

What is necessary at this time is for them all to come together.
To sit down and have a conversation about how to Unify.
Not how to create more distance between us all.

But behind all of this, there’s a very serious factor that is occurring.

This condition is motivated by the equalizing factor of economics, in principle, as well as other conditions and other factors that are necessary.
But the economics of the world are completely Unbalanced.

If you understand that the wealth of most of the planet is in the hands of a very, very few amount of individuals, perhaps maybe less than One Percent as they say in the vernacular.

But I will say to you this – that it is virtually criminal to understand that there are people who do not have food, shelter; there are people who do not have security; and there are people who have an excess amount of money, if distributed equally, could probably accommodate the entire population of the race, that is not at this time, living in self-sufficiency or is at sustenance, merely.

So what is about to happen here is that the wealth of the nations, of the funds, of the charities, of trade, of philanthropy, or shall I say purported philanthropy, is to be suddenly redistributed.

If you see that there are individuals now who are in turmoil because they are not able to work, they are not able to earn, they find that they are in a state of fear, because they do not have that.

They are going back now, as we Retreat from this Retreat, and they are attempting now to find security within insecurity.

But they are, basically, the members of the population just like those.

When it comes to other conditions like this, whether it be a catastrophe, or a tragedy, or some kind of cataclysm, or something, they are those of us – and I say us because I believe we are all affected by the same thing – they are those of us, who have given themselves to this condition.

Because if you look more deeply behind this you will see that without the spending of the populace, the commercial enterprises that govern this world, in what we call global corporations, and other entities such as that, they cannot exist anymore the way they are.

There must be Unity, there must be Equality.

This is one of the main effects to be had from this.

Many people talk about the purported conspiracy of an individual creating a virus somewhere in a laboratory, and then making it appear as though it was leaked out through some unsanitary conditions.
And that it came from a certain region on the planet, and it was done on purpose so that it can effect the global economy.
But our perspective is different than that.
Our perspective comes from the direction where we say that this may boomerang.
If in fact that is the case, that is a very intelligent means of stopping the trade in the global economy.

As we Retreat from this Retreat, individuals do not have the wherewithal and the means in order to accommodate the kind of spending from this foreign trade that existed before.
So when we look at this from this perspective, we see that that the dependence upon that particular country that is being alleged, accused, suspected of having done this, is the one that will have the greatest decrease in its economic flow, soon to come.

The origin of it may be correct, but the suspected protocol and the means of it, is not.
This is not something that emanated from the earth plane.

It is very simple to understand that.

I say to you now that we are also experiencing a great degree of tumult, turmoil, even in the streets right now.

This is a repercussion.
This is an aftershock.
This is something that has come about as a result of the frustrations of individuals who have been oppressed.

This is not an inadvertent act.
This is designed.
For several purposes, from my perspective here.

One of them is as follows.

The rules will change again; the rules will change substantially.

Unity is what is necessary.

These are symptoms that we’re looking at of fatigue.
The fatigue of the population, that has been closed off, shut out.
Having been suppressed locked in at home.
The message was not given before to those who are in the state of purported authority.
They did not understand that the oppressed cannot be oppressed anymore; that rights have to be given.
If you recall there was great turmoil in the streets of our country in the 60’s.
And as a result of that, there derived a very substantial Bill of Civil Rights.

Well, the same in our perspective, is being developed here.
Out of the chaos, out of the fatigue, out of the turmoil, the frustration, here comes something almost cataclysmic.

And the leaders do not understand at this particular moment that it’s necessary for them to call for calm and exhibit calm.

If they don’t exhibit calm, and they do not exhibit Unity, there cannot be Unity.

People will follow what they are shown.

They are following now certain conditions that are giving them pause.

So as we Retreat from the Retreat, what I will leave you with now is this – to Light your Candle, to be the example.

To Unify, to Speak Unification, to Act in Unification to Walk in Unification.

Not to emulate those who are causing the distress at this time by criticism or sarcasm.
But to sit back with the Light, with the Candle.

Shown in the darkness.

Eliminating the shadows.

And be an icon.

And remember

It is important to remember.

Many cataclysms have occurred.
Many catastrophes have occurred.

One of them not yet twenty years ago in which people seemed to have forgotten.

But remember that energy follows thought.

And at this particular time, the thought that you put out, is all we can give.

In this Retreating from the Retreat.

To those in authority, they don’t listen to letters; they don’t listen to phone calls.
They are not moved by what people do.
But silent protest is very effective.

Spend wisely.

Pay attention to the effects.

Look at the statistics around the globe as to how many people were afflicted, how many people made their transition.

Look at those statistics and see that there is great significance behind it.
Understand what has happened here as you go out of the Retreat, back into a new normal, a shifting paradigm, a whole new way of looking at and living through everything.

Feel comforted in knowing that you are not the only one who is going through a certain transition or transformation, or other issues at this time.
This is common right now, and in this particular moment of this condition that we are having, it is part of the process of the individual, as well as the mass cleansing.
For the mass cleansing to occur, and the collective to be affected, it is quite necessary for individuals themselves to also go through this process.

And I want you to know that the cleansing is also embodied in today’s disturbances.

It’s a cleansing of the Chakras of the Race.

There is such a thing.

The perception is manifested in the Third Eye predominantly.
Your sensation is one that is taking you through that process.
Each one will have an individual process.
That one, today, and lately, is yours.
You understand that that is happening, because you can feel it.

It’s a sentient moment for you.
There’s a sensation there; a true sensation.

Understand that, in the golden nature of the silence, when you put out energy that it comes from the form of thought, or the thought form of peace.

If you believe and you understand that it has an equal resonating effect as the protests, as the silent protests, those of the civil rights, those of Gandhi, those of the others, it has a very, very important and powerful effect.

If you sit in meditation and you send that out, it does resonate.
I also want you to know that in the paradigm that exists right now, it will resonate even further.

It will reverberate.

It will be heard, and it will have a very powerful impact because that is what the shifting is all about now.
It is a movement into another dimension where such thought forms and such processes are much more effective when they are catapulted from within.

So don’t believe for a moment, or be deceived for a moment that any actions like that are futile.
They are not, and they are not any longer, and they are stronger than ever before.

Continue and understand that in the Retreat from the Retreat, now, this is what we can do.
This is part of the process to do it spiritually, metaphysically, to do it in meditation, to do it mentally, and to do it from the heart, every time.

It’s a difficult concept for many people to understand but the true nature of human choice is such that when a being comes into an incarnation we all know that it’s by consent and it’s deliberate.

We also know that the conditions that a person faces are designed in advance; is a blueprint they have needed, or wanted, for their own or other purposes, karmically, individually, and with others, etc.

But there is also an element of true choice when it comes to the acknowledgement of beings who leave the earth plane.

When there are wars, and there are a mass exodus’ of beings; when there are catastrophes; when there are cataclysms and continents sink beneath the oceans, and tens of millions of people perish at the same time.

There are purposes behind this.

As difficult as it may be to understand, many, many of the beings who have left in the past months, and some who will leave further, are not limited to those who are old and frail and infirm.

That is a misconception by those in authority because they need to compile statistics to give them the assurances that they are in control of what is going on.

But that is a misunderstanding.

Many of the beings have offered themselves for that purpose just like many have done in other catastrophes lately.

We have written about this and soon to be published.
When it is published everyone will be informed of it.

And I say to you that the recognition of your understanding of what is going on is represented by the Candle that you see.

Keep the Candle lit.

It is the strongest element that we have right now, to walk from the darkness, from the shadows, from what has just occurred, to Retreat from the Retreat, back into a new normal.

And to understand what is coming, regardless of the appearance world and the camouflage that we see.

What is coming and what is to come, is going to be extremely rewarding for everyone who is attuned.

With that, I leave you with a thought, to say – be conscious.
Remember what has happened.

Remember, in the Retreat from the Retreat, this is not a crisis.

This has been a Coronation.

A Coron – a – tion.

Great significance in the words that were chosen.

I thank you very much.

And with that, for today, we are complete.
Thank you.


Excerpted for Publication from a Live Presentation of 01 June 2020

© 2020