there is a kind of hushhhh…

do you hear it
can you hear it
are you even listening

it is speaking in silent tones
those that can only be heard
with the deepest of attention
and reflection
and introspection
like that small still voice
the one doubted
and mostly ignored

are you listening

the universal forces
are sending a message
a reminder
not to be taken lightly
a divine message of intervention

and only now
with this kind of hush, all over….
can it possibly be heard

we have been sternly reminded
we have been forcefully shown
we have been meticulously warned
and we have even been severely threatened

yet we have not heard

so now there is a kind of hush, all over….
perhaps we will listen now

there was fear within
because politicians played
at political warfare
terrorists terrorized
imperialists colonized
savages enslaved
religions sought to subvert
in order to convert
families fractured
love denied
and business sought only profit
where greed grew
at the expense of the meek
where power prevailed
where predation permeated
and charities were not charitable

the plebiscite just wanted food
the farmers were pestered
the harvests polluted
the waters contaminated
the streams flooded
the trees slaughtered
the land decimated
the criminals perpetrated
the mobs ruled
the prosecutors persecuted
the police brutalized
the arts were infected
the cultures perverted
the crime surged
the blood curdled
hunger was not a game

volcanoes erupted
hurricanes slammed
fires fanned
floods inundated
waters rose
tides surged
seasons resisted
climates changed

the land does not belong to us
we belong to the land
even the natives knew this
all too well
so why not us

the air crowded
with the effluvia of the human consciousness
rising up and interrupting the infusion of light

civilizations devolving
in the face of cosmic evolution
solar dissolution
galactic race

and then
the fear was unleashed
and there came the panic
chaos and confusion
how could this be
childishly they asked
as supermarkets fumbled
while stock markets tumbled
and institutions crumbled

hoarding and hunkering
self preservation
running for cover
the survival of the un-fittest

and yet there’s a kind of hush
a kind of hush, all over…

in this silence
there is truth
will we hear
will we listen
will we pay attention
and later

before the darkness covers the masses
and the foods flow no more
as the rivers run dry
while the babies scream and cry
and the elderly shrivel out of form
and the infirm suffer inexorably
no medicine in sight
no cure to delight
no treatment
just fright
because we misused
and abused the drugs
and disrespected the minds
and bodies

your cars are not vehicles
your body is your vehicle
you only have One
it takes you from the cradle
to the grave
you only need One
that’s all you get
One at a time
care for it well
and it will take you afar

and that green silky paper
we once called currency
has no current at all
and becomes useless and vain
go without
and see what you really need

and the jewels are rendered trinkets
and have not even the merit of décor
the gold silver diamonds and more
no longer ornaments
the baubles of frivolity
mined from self aggrandizement
and displayed with pomp
rather than radiating healing
as they were all intended to anyway
and not stature

the real gems
the crystals
the stones
the rocks
and the like
relegated to near extinction
now rise in praise
and humility

for the jewel is in the lotus

om mani padme ohmmm

the lotus is opening
the layers
one by one

when once to come
a church is no longer a temple
and a temple no longer sacred
where worship and praise
become desperate pleas of regret
and the mea culpas proliferate

too little too late

but now there’s a kind of hush, all over…..

do you know what it means
are you listening through the haze
can you hear yet at all
are your senses awakened
the inner not the outer
can you see the light

and what did you do
for the growth of your soul
and what have you done
for another
or for humanity

because now there’s a kind of hush, all over….
and it is beckoning to be heard
are you tuning in
do you understand

will the bias end
will the prejudice subside
will perhaps the classes be dismissed
the dye no longer caste
and the lessons learned
will we get promoted

will the race become One

will the parties
no longer attempt
their disparate governance
their vicious attacks
and empty words
will governments lead
will leaders govern

will nepotism and partisanship dissolve
can differences be resolved
can the newspapers just report
once again
and the televisions provide vision
can the movies deliver the messages
as before
and entertainment elevate instead
can the music play melodies
celestial and pure
like the drums beating in the jungles of old
can we dance around the fire again
the shamans alight
can we rap our arms around peace
and not anger violence or pain

of highest importance of all
can the warring factions
surrender their arms
a farewell to arms
a lasting peace
an understanding of its meaning
and import
and importance
will the borders all come down
and the peoples unite
as One

can the blood now flow
and not without
can the separations
no longer divide

for a corona is not a virus

quite the contrary
it is defined as a white or colored circle
or a set of concentric circles
of light
seen around a luminous body
one that is visible
through a haze or thin cloud
caused by diffraction
of light
from suspended matter
in the intervening medium

a faint glow of the air
in the region of very strong electric fields
caused by ionization of the air molecules
and flow of current
in that region
in corona discharge

is commonly used as a noun
meaning a temporary prevalence of a disease
an epidemic disease is one affecting many persons
at the same time
and spreading from person to person
in a locality
where the disease is not permanently prevalent

but what then is a pandemic
compared to an epidemic disease

a pandemic disease is an epidemic
but one that has spread over a large area
that is prevalent throughout an entire country
or continent
or the Whole world

like an epidemic
ultimately derives from the greek word pándēmos
meaning common or public
the ancient greeks knew this well
the romans of old bastardized and exploited it

can also mean general or universal
as in universe

a pandemic
is what an epidemic becomes
once it reaches a far wider swath of people
especially across continents
or the entire world
as in global

if something is spreading like wildfire
it’s an epidemic
if something has already spread like wildfire
and is currently massive
in its reach and impact
it’s a pandemic

are you listening
are you hearing
are you learning

now that
there’s a kind of hush, all over….

don’t just wash your hands
clean the soul’s coat too
don’t merely don a mask
rinse out the mouth as well
and cleanse the words

unveil the thoughts
now masked
for they are things
with impact
and consequences
heard in the ethers
and felt by the universe
which is responding in kind

do you know what animism is
in latin anima means soul
thus the belief
that all plants animals and objects
have spirits too
that the inanimate is conscious
and consciousness resides within

more so
that there is a non physical element
to nature
that is to be venerated
and revered
and that we are not separate from this
we are One with it

so why then
should we be separate
One from another
whether he or she
be male or female
short or tall
black or white or red or yellow

we are the energy
of the rock
of the tree
of the ocean
of the grass

the lesson to be learned
is that of the Whole
of mankind


that no One
is exempt
none are spared
All are vulnerable
where One is affected
so are All

All are One
All One part
of the Whole
of All That Is

there’s a kind of hushhhh…
all over the world
right now

we’ve been put to sleep
for a moment in time
but it’s not a dream
just a respite
a cosmic retreat

and it is an act of love
not punishment
or retribution
only learning

for the awakening is now
and not tomorrow morning

there’s a kind of hushhhh
all over the world….



© 2020