This Summer Solstice

~ A Universal Message For Humanity ~

This is a Message from the Andean Shamans about the energy of change that will bring Earth to the Summer Solstice.

The Natives knew them, they never lost contact with the Earth and the Source, they knew how to interpret the messages of the universe, and they still do.

The Summer Solstice has always been a Sacred Moment for them, a moment of reconnection with the Source.

However, this time they herald an unusual moment in the sky and a watershed moment in the fate of Mankind.

“On this June 20/21 – Summer Solstice – the Earth will be in direct and precise alignment with the Center of the Galaxy and the Central Sun of Alcyon.

At this unique moment, Earth will receive the direct influx of very subtle and High Level Energies from a Divine Source.

These are The Energies Of Evolution, the energies that are capable of changing our genetic codes and causing evolutionary changes in species and planets.

On this day, we must attain to the highest of peace, of love, among all living beings on Earth.

We must imagine a bright future for Humanity.

Aborigines all over the world know about this Astronomical and Divine Event.

The Andean Shamans, the keepers of ancestral knowledge and Pachamama (Earth) send us the following message with a tone of Brotherhood and urgency.
We share this with you, which is very important for Humanity and the Planet.

At the same time, many Grandfather Guardians of the Andean tradition of ancestral ranks come together.

Listening to prayer and ceremonies and rituals to heal everyone.

The Guardians tell us that it is very important to stay united and to send positive and creative loving energy to the Universe.

They ask us to maintain an attitude of Tolerance, Brotherhood and Solidarity For Seven Days.

Interact without arguing, communicate with Love and calm our minds, let go and forgive every situation.

We are asked to maintain Harmony within ourselves, not to fight, not to judge, not to resist and not to confront, so that the sum of all this energy helps our grandparents, their rituals, that they use to protect and preserve our lives, strengthen faster.

They ask us to Sing And Raise Our Vibration to the Light, the Creator, to Beautify the Balance of our Neighbor.

Let us therefore ask for the Protection of every living being.

It is important to be United at this crucial moment in our history.

Thank you for your Love, because with the participation of each of our grains of sand, we can help protect our home planet and our beloved Humanity!

Now more than ever, we must be Together in Peace and Love! “

If you know someone who works as a Healer, Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Master, Here-and-Now Teacher, Light Worker, Green Community, please Share This Message with them.


* Acknowledgement and Thanks to “Rainbow”

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