“When you believe in things
that you don’t understand
then you suffer….
superstition ain’t the way”

Notwithstanding, there are still those today who care to place blame, to cast aspersions, to investigate, to instigate, antagonize, even terrorize, and cause yet even more chaos and disruption.

And in so doing, unknowingly or recklessly, are only perpetuating the flow and the life and the intensity of this contagion. And thus, the suffering and the pain of countless others.

Imagine that the activities of the months and years leading up to this impactful motion around the globe to some still has not been correlated to the manifestation of this force.

Can you stretch your thought processes to connect the dots and draw more sound and appropriate conclusions here?

Look closer and observe that dissonance, criticism, petty bickering and gross distortions of singular belief systems in the face of this severe human trauma still exist, to this degree, where it had resided before, unrelenting and base.

How disenchanting it seems at times that we continue to be in the hands of, and at the mercy of such a dynamic that is pressing upon most, just like the polluted air we have created and endured and breathed in for so long now, over certain locales and regions.

That air that suffocates our intake of breath and infects our anatomy and the balance of the environment, and our race, both within and without.

So in order to shed some truth here as to the root causes underlying this indispensable and unavoidable condition we now face, and dispel any such myths in an otherwise obscure field of rumor and conjecture, unfounded theories and more, it has become necessary, if not mandatory, to look to new and higher thinking.

For the prevailing circumstances – this force majeure – are unprecedented in our experience, just like the collective climate that persisted prior to this outbreak, and which brought it about. And as such, it does not fit into any preconceived notions or accepted principles of rationale, reasoning or explanations.

In point of fact, however, there are no scapegoats here. There is no conspiracy afoot. No earlier actions would have had any bearing. No omissions are pertinent either, in this case.

Why then would one even attempt to invest any time or effort or energy into molding those stale thoughts and thought forms to conform to this moment.

The act itself is futile and demonstrates a lack of insight and understanding of the reality as it exists today, and further, the requirements and the tools necessary going forward.

“Very superstitious
wash your face and hands….
Very superstitious
nothing more to say”

Moreover, such mental machinations are not effective to decelerate the spread of this pandemic, or to ensure that we do not create another such mood and environment of consciousness that might invite a return of this deep and powerful reminder.

In fact, that is only exacerbating the situation even more, and attracting and drawing that which is like unto itself – continued and persistent infection and contamination.

Nor do we accept or subscribe to the mainstream scientific or media version of these events either.

For we have our own knowings and understanding as enunciated here, and we are not affected or moved by their endless cycles of redundant, mundane and somewhat nonsensical interpretations and articulations. And even at times, their foreboding and inane predictions.

Can they project how long or how many cases or fatalities it will take until man reaches global
Unity ?

What is their forecast on this?
What are the numbers for that?
What do the statistical models show there?
How many, how many more?

For that is not just a by product here.
It is the point, the lesson, the teaching.

And That, and only That, is the only question we must All now ask.

It’s really All just quite that simple.

Because, in the words of an ancient, prestigious teacher of the metaphysical,
“Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering; for that is its purpose.”

So these prognostications and superstitions and dogma and outdated considerations of origin, blame, ascribing fault at a time like this, arguing, invectives, finger pointing, hearings, grand standing, personal agendas, and the like, for emotional or psychological comfort only, and designed just to usurp the moment for more attention and aggrandizement, are but feeble notions, and useless and vain actions.

Those, and any acts that seek to exploit and take advantage of or disregard the present vulnerability of mankind now merely cause counter productive reactions and repercussions at levels of energies that many do not yet even perceive exist.

And they only serve to delay the passing and the completion of this ethereal process.

We can only say here that we hope that those who indulge in such mediocrity are hearing this, instead, and take seriously a novel approach, commensurate with the magnitude, the gravity, and uniqueness of the hour – and not the destructive patterns of the past.

We submit that it is time to think beyond the norm now, and let go of current or traditional concepts of who, what, how, where, when and why, and in so doing, peel back the layers of perception and allow the petals to open.

Expand the consciousness to other levels of more evolved applications.

And in order to stop this suffering and replace the confusion with clarity; in order to allay All unfounded suspicions and distractions, we propose the following understandings to those who would care to embrace the same, and in this new age, offer rather a new and educated approach to comprehending the previously incomprehensible and the misunderstood.


* * * * * * * *

What is an illusion to many is the clarity to only some now

And we are acutely aware that in the midst of what All the human species are experiencing here, that there is so much questioning, there is so much fear and so much despair

But what we are also knowing and are fully able to appreciate and to own is that there was a great importance and a complete necessity for this experience to occur for


If you can imagine that there is no distinction between continent, between country, between state or city, between home, or tent or igloo or cave, where beings of All nations, beings of All stations of life, beings of All belief systems despite the god that they worship, the political configuration of their own desires, despite their color, occupation, persuasion or orientations, whether they are those that are a family or single, young, old or infirm, All beings are now in a place where they are, merely by

The Breath of Life


This pandemic which Unifies, which creates the opportunity and the desire to look at what links, what binds, what connects, what is similar, what is the commonality of All beings

Where the contrasts, the separateness, the distinctions, the ways in which people feel differences are nothing to be focused upon at this time

And if you can picture that All along the planet, there are hands connected that are being held now

Visualize beings of All nationalities, of All levels of conscious awareness, in tandem with the deities, the nature spirits, the elementals, the angels and the archangels, the humans that have crossed over

Imagine there is now a holding of All of these hands

That there is a linking, a linking of a human chain around the planet to be able to pull it All together, to tie the knot, to close the circle, to be able to feel that there is

A New Paradigm Shift

A shift where people, no matter who they are, or where they are, will start to awaken, will begin to feel this communal connection that All humans have

The one thing we All share regardless of everything else

The Breath of Life

This is the ideal now, and so there are certain soul contracts, there are certain beings that have agreed for the mutual assent of being offered their own incarnation for this very purpose

Those that are leaving the earth plane as a result of this pandemic
Those that are getting deeply and severely ill from this virus
These are beings that have needed to be a part of this universal message that something needs to change

In that the momentum that has been ongoing, where there has been so much hatred, separateness, divide and deception and a lack of trust for each being, to each being, among All beings, will now swing

For This is a monumental cause

And so many of the beings that are letting go of this incarnation are not releasing without knowing that they are soldiers of this higher mission, to uplift, to upgrade humanity to take notice, and to create the calling of attention of the need for All beings to awaken and to become


How noble these excarnations, unparalleled and sacrosanct
The karmic implications reverberating through the ethers for generations to come

We would also like to emphasize that the more that people are starting to open their hearts, the more that people are starting to allow their own belief system into going deeper, peeling away these veils of illusion and separation, releasing and dissolving the poles of the ego, there will be a resolve for this particular upgrade, and the intensity that is occurring at this time

This, alone, is the key to the dissolution of this condition

And while there may be different ways in which there might perhaps be a certain re-emerging of this still to come, yet not to be this intense, but only to create more noticing and more reinforcement that

All must now walk only
In the Light

And as there may be an ebbing and a flowing, to continue to nudge, to poke, but as a positive reinforcement only, to again remind All beings to stay on this course of blending and merging their hearts and souls, and refraining from creating opportunities to create separation

And in the land of america, for example, and elsewhere as well, it has been quite important for some of the beings in particular to desist from this aspect of political chasm, for this is an unhealthy and certainly a polarizing force that is now starting to hopefully dissolve, too, and to transform into something bigger, something grander, something that is able to


What we also want to express here is that while this is indeed a trying time, and a time that is certainly frightening for many, in reality, All Is Well, and this will shift and this will only strengthen All beings, from All lands, in the end.

* * * * * * * *


In closing here, and in conjunction with the two most recent messages offered in this Trilogy of Light, contemplate just for a moment if you will, the foresight and the remarkable, higher intelligence behind the clear metaphors now in our midst – both literally and figuratively.

Consider the methodology and the means implemented and now at work here to bring home the point, and the ironies that abound and permeate within these new and tentative protocols, such that no humans could possibly conjure or create.

For instance, the verdict having been rendered, All beings are now remanded, incarcerated, locked in, locked down, in stir. Both here and abroad. All freedoms and liberties, rights and privileges suspended and restricted. No furloughs, no visitors, conjugal or otherwise. And no reprieves. And not even a medical leave.

All confined to solitary, in solidarity. All sentenced to life within, without a word to be said before the imposition of the term. All imprisoned, sequestered, in isolation, in-mates of the soul. Every cell blocked, for crimes alleged against humanity. Without appeal, and no commutations, merely awaiting a pardon, a release, a grant of immunity.

People and peoples who had chosen to be distant, to stand apart, superior, even stand-offish to some, for much too long. Now experiencing what it is like to have that put upon them, involuntarily. To know what it feels like to be alienated, unwillingly.

To be humbled.

In each life journey, everyone meets themself.

But even more emphatic, that we now have to wrap our hands and cover our mouths just to protect us from very the breath of our own brethren, lest we contaminate one another with touch, or with the very air we breathe.

How very clever !

And what a stark reminder of the actions we took with those wily hands, and more so, the words we chose to expel with the sharp tongues, now encumbered, and forcefully kept within the mouths, like the very

Breath of Life


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“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder